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28B USB & 28C USB

A quick learner from Apopka says:
I have a Series 380 Balance, channel length is 29 inches and some have stamp 28B USB and some have stamp 28C USB, what options do I need?
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Normally for the Series 380 the 28B translates to 2820 and the 28C translates to 2830.

To check, remove and weigh your window sashes.

The 2820 will carry a window sash load weight range of 12 through 16 pounds
and the 2830 will carry a window sash load weight range of 16 through 23 pounds.

This information is based on 2 balances per sash. Balances are designed assuming friction in the jamb weather-strip will carry a portion of the sash weight. Suggested sash weights are approximate.
A quick learner from Lutz, Florida says:
My daughter has at least 6 windows in her house that have been used less than a dozen times in several years, in a house built in 2006. What causes the rivet holding the spring in a 28C-USB to rip loose, destroying the balancer? How can we identify the maker of the windows or the balancer? Is the "USB" a manufacturer? I am thinking there should be a recall because of the danger (to a child or others) when the unit fails, possibly dropping the window and causing serious injury. There doesn't seem to be any weatherstripping in the frame or sash. Regardless, I will be ordering the 2830 to replace the 28C, unless I weigh the windows and find they are heavier than the 16-23 lbs.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Sorry, but I am not familiar with USB.

Please reply to this discussion with photos of the balances, we would be happy to research this for you.
A handy person from Lakeland, FL says:
There is a Photo of a USB stamped channel in the Channel Balance post from Oct 20, 2010 3:40 pm. It would seem that a number of us have this stamping and are having rivet ripouts. I have 28C USB on my balance with the top rivet broken at the set flange which also bent the channel; also the block & tackle connection clip was broken at the bottom rivet and that rivet nearly pulled through the channel. ;) Symptoms all sound the same with the same style balance.

My question now ;) my balances are 28C on a sash weighing between 20-22lbs; would it be better to go up to a 2840 from 2830 as a 28C replacement or is the 2830 well within the design capacity? I am wondering because of the failure mode I see in mine and those others reported in this forum. The windows are Milestone 1000 series made in Sanford and probably distributed widely here in Central Florida.

[long ago and far away in the house building business ;) ]
A handy person from sanford, florida says:
I do have the same problem with those type of windows ( 28c usb ) the rivet pins are pins pin broken away from the channel. should I be using a heavy duty ones instead, let me know plese. I also need info on how to replace the new ones. Thanks
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
If possible, please upload a couple of quick photos showing the USB stamp on the channel balance. This will help us research a replacement.
A quick learner from Tarpon Springs, FL says:
I don't think a photo showing the "USB" will be of much help and I am not at the location where they are needed. However, I will give you my research as it relates to the balancer that so many are having problems with.
The USB stands for Unique Sash Balance, a company formerly located in Canada. They were bought our or merged with Unique Balance out of Texas.

It appears that most of the problem windows were made by Millstone, who will only warranty the balancers for one year. Unique Balance has limited its liability to providing someone who will replace pairs of balancers for $25 each, providing you need a dozen or more windows or includes neighbors needing same. There is a $40 traveling charge also. Any inquiries to Millstone or Unique Balance will result in the inquiry being forwarded to a "Dave L." for service.

I have ordered 4 of the S380-29 (option 2830) to replace the "USB 28c" balancers from Unique Balance. I expect them in a few days and will report back if they are a suitable replacement.

As to the ripping out of the rivets holding the block and tackle, I have been told it is a failure of the metal channel and not a result of improper weighting. I am hoping that the tops and shoes (15-005/19-005) are correct. I had considered ordering some rivets and tool to use the old ones if necessary but I forgot to include in the order.

It will be interesting to know the warranty period offered by Swisco. Also, whether Swisco recommends any lubrication of the window channels, such as silicone.

I hope the information was of some interest. If the balancers from Swisco work, I will need 15 or more pairs for the remainder of windows and probably more for some of the other townhouse units in the complex.

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Donna from SWISCO responded:
I went through past discussions that mentioned USB and most users ended up replacing their USB balances with Series 380. I still recommend though when ordering a replacement channel balance, that you make sure that the top and bottom attachments of your current balance match up to the product pictures on SWISCO.com

If you ever need help identifying the proper replacement balance series, it is helpful to upload your pictures here for us to take a look . Take pictures of both the top and bottom attachment. We will also need to know the length of the metal channel and what stamp is marked on the metal channel of your current balance.

At this time, SWISCO does not offer any express warranties.

Normally, it is not necessary to lubricate channel sash support balances unless your windows are in constant use or near water (ex: humid climate or near the ocean). If you want to lubricate the window track that the window sash rides in, use a silicone spray. If you want to lubricate the channel balance, you can apply a little bit of an oil-based spray on the channel portion and on the exposed channel balance spring.

Let me know if you have any questions or need some further help.
A quick learner from Tarpon Springs says:
Received the Series 380/2830 balancers yesterday and they were a perfect match for the "28C USB" balancers. I checked the window weight and it fell right in the middle of the 16-23 lbs of the 2830 range. In the process, I found many of the vinyl snap in trim to be brittle and easily damaged. I have attached a photo and drawing here and wonder if I need to move to a different part of this forum. I could not find a match in Swisco's catalog nor elsewhere on the internet.
user submitted photo of weatherstripping
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The closest snap-in we have online is the Swisco 55-062-6 Keller Snap-in.
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