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Channel Balance replacement parts

A landlord from Seattle, WA says:
I need 2 - 26 inch, 2 - 32 inch, and 2 - 28 inch channel balance mechanisms. They are 1/2 inch hemmed edges (metal is fold back to create an edge). There are no visible stamped or inked marking on the broken devices. The top and bottom fittings are shown in the attached JPG file. These are for fixed vinyl windows. I do not have the weight of the sashes at hand. Please direct me. My local HomeDepot window expert said the replacement is #308. Please advise on precise model # and cost for the 6 balances.
Thank you.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello, James. This looks like our Series 385 channel balance, which comes with our 19-005 and 15-001 attachments pre-assembled. Is this hardware correct? We have detailed dimensions for everything so just confirm that their sizes line up. As for the option, you will need to either refer to your balance's stamp or you will have to weigh your sash.
A landlord from Seattle, WA says:
Paul from Swisco:

I found older failed mechanisms in my recycle bin. The numbers are: 2430 -- need two of those; 2740 -- need two of them and finally 3250 -- need two of those.

What has me somewhat confused are the ones I originally asked about 26, 28 and 32 may each have been after-market replacements and they may have been too long. The ones with the stamp mark come in at 2430, 2740 and the last one I do not have a stamped older model.

My question is this: on the 32 inch replacement, if in fact it was slightly too long (based on the other non stamped ones being longer), would a too long mechanism cause problems? Would a 30 inch work when the old one (non stamped) is 32?

How do I go about placing the order for the 2430, 2740 and I'll go with a 3250?

Thank you for your helpful advice.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Having a balance that is too long may cause problems, yes. If you give me the height of the visible sash, I can calculate the proper length for you. I would also need you to weigh the sash so we can determine the proper stamp option.

As for the stamps you've given me, they only tell us the strength of the spring. They are not identification markers. Now, if they are all identical to your pictures above, then I think our Series 385 channel balance is the best match. Do you agree? To place your order, visit the Series 385 page and select the lengths you need in order to visit each balance's store page.
A landlord from Seattle, WA says:
Paul -- do the stamp markings on my counterbalances of 2430 give you enough information for me to place the order. In other words, can you use the 2430 to translate to your product? If I could avoid having to travel to the property to weigh the sash, that would be great. Same question to the 2740 and 3250.

I concur that these would be Series 385.

If I have to I will travel to get the hard data. Thanks for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The stamps you have now translate to the options we have listed for our Series 385 balances, yes, but you mentioned that the balances you have were after-market and the incorrect length, which means you would need to re-calculate the length and therefore the spring strength. If you just want to stick with the same hardware you have now then you can just use that information to pick out your replacement Series 385 balances.
A landlord from Seattle, WA says:
Actually, the unmarked (no stamp) earlier mechanisms were what I first asked about. It was later that I discovered the older (and original issue) broken mechanisms with the stamped markings on them. I am going to place order on the mechanisms going with the lengths of the older (original) ones and the stamped mechanisms.

Thanks. JM Olsen
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