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Drawer Glide, Broyhill, 149-4762-20

A home owner from Fairhope, AL says:
I need wooden drawer glides for a 40-year old Broyhill Dresser, the model # stamped on the back of the dresser is 149-4762-20.
Can you tell me how I get these?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for contacting us.

We are going to need to see a picture of your drawer hardware to figure out what drawer system Broyhill used in their 149-4762-20 dresser. We should be able to suggest a replacement for your glides after we see determine the drawer system. Also, let us know if you see any markings or names on any of the hardware pieces.
A home owner from New Jersey says:

I have a upright Broyhill dresser that I need a wooden drawer glide for. The item # for the dresser is 4042-40. The name of the dresser piece is Maison Lenoir. The current drawer glide is all chewed up from the bottom of the dresser drawer.
Thanks for your help.

user submitted photo of wooden track
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey Dennis, thank you for submitting your images to us.

We do not have an exact replacement track for your original, however we do offer track kits that should work with your application. Start by taking a look at the Swisco 32-051 Monorail Track Kit, the 32-053 Track Kit and the 32-055 Wood Track Kit.
A home owner from maysville says:

i have the same problem. did the suggestions that Swisco gave you work? if not, what did you end up doing?

thank you
A quick learner from fleming island florida says:
I have the exact same Maison Lenoir furniture with the same problem--chest and dresser with splintered glides, but also bent metal runners. The drawers are inoperable and I have been trying to get replacement parts for months now. No luck with retailers or manufacturer. I see the parts that Swisco recommended, but they do not seem to be the same configuration. If I only had to replace the wood glide it would be simpler, but the metal part is very bent out of shape on most of the drawers as well. It doesn't look like the recommended replacement parts have two components. What would serve to replace the bent metal part? See images submitted by Dennis to reference what I need. Thank you so much for any help you can offer.
A quick learner from NC says:
I also have a dresser with the combined metal and wood track system (Metal runner on bottom of the drawer, wood track that it runs on). What can I use to replace both of these parts? The metal is bent and the wood is chewed up.
A home owner from Massachusetts says:
I also have a Broyhill dresser that is about 20 years old. The piece that is broken on my dresser looks exactly like the metal drawer runner in your photo. I see Dennis has the opposite problem and needs a wooden runner but in my case the metal track attached to the drawer broke. Can you suggest a replacement part for that as well? The metal piece measures 14 1/2 inches.

Thank you,
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
As stated above, we do not have an exact replacement track for your original, however we do offer track kits that should work with your application. Start by taking a look at the Swisco 32-051 Monorail Track Kit, the 32-053 Track Kit and the 32-055 Wood Track Kit.
A home owner from Richmond Virginia says:
I have a similar problem. In my case, I need two of the metal rails. The wood peices are fine. It is unfortunate that I cannot find a match for these easily. They are so common. I have taken to hunting for old furniture to scavenge. If someone knows where to find an exact match for these simple metal slides, please let me know.
A handy person from Indiana says:
Did anyone find a solution? None of the suggestions will work because of the length/fastening requirements for the Broyhill drawer. Please help!
A handy person from Bradenton Fl says:
I have the same wooded draw glides on a older chest of drawers. What I ended up doing was sand off the rest of the broken glide, and then turned it upside down and those bottom wings worked well as the draw glides.
A handy person from Ann arbor says:
I've the same prob.... Indeed to replace wood/metal glides,(xxx) I'm thingin make some! Instead of bye in um... Using a triagleler type of layout, I'll let ya all know how they work and send some jpg's
A quick learner from Northern Virginia says:
Same issue as above but with a night table that is 25 plus years old. Used the "Complete Wood Track Drawer Kit Product Code: 32-055". Worked ok but I did need to do some "creative engineering", trimming down the back plate and leaving the drawers metal guide in place. The drawer works well now and my wife if much happier.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
We appreciate everyone's input! Hopefully this information helps others with the same problem.

You may also want to consider our 32-063 drawer track kit. This is a very versatile and easy-to-install kit that has been known to work in a wide variety of drawers. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to install!
A quick learner from Cypress, tx says:
I had the same problem as all of the people here. I needed two of the metal parts that fit on the bottom of the drawers. The first go round I to a price of 1" x 2" and routed out the middle of the wood so that it would allow the wooden rail to fit inside if it then I attached it to the bottom of the drawer with wood glue and a square metal bracket with 4 screws at the back of the drawer similar to the original metal fail attached. That worked but I had to put round plastic pads in each bottom corner of the drawer opening on the dresser itself to account for the 1/16" height difference that this wood rail created to keep the drawer from rocking side to side slightly.
The second drawer I cut sheet metal the width and the length of the original rail plus an additional 1 1/2". I placed the sheet metal on the bottom of he drawer sliding it under the drawer front and bent the additional length up the back of the drawer and attached it with two screws like the original rail. I used wood glue between the sheet metal and the drawer bottom to secure it in place. I the cut two pieces of 1/4" x 1/4" molding to go on each edge of the sheet metal. I placed one piece of the molding on each side of the sheet metal to act as the rail sides and used wood glue as well a a single screw at the back the screwed into the drawer back. I have been using the dresser for 2 years now and have not had any problems with either remedy.
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