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Herculite Inswing Patio Door - gasket and wood piece of sill circa 1979

A quick learner from Hastings, MN says:
I need to replace the gasket on the bottom of my inswing patio door. Also the wood piece of the sill. Picture shows the bottom of the door, partially opened.

No clue who the door manufacturer is.

The glass logo has PPG Herculite. However no door manufacturer. I can't read most of the smaller print on the logo. There is a 4791 code on the lower right corner.

Home built around 1979. I live in Hastings Minnesota. The home was a Waconia Home package.
User submitted a photo of weatherstripping.
A quick learner from Hastings, MN says:
Additional information - there is a PPG on the glass logo. Unfortunately I don't think that's the door manufacture, just the folks who made the glass.

The door sweep (refered to as gasket in my original email), part attached to the bottom of the door panel, is the one piece I need to replace. It doesn't look like today's sweeps. Appear to be a very rigid v weather strip. It wraps around the inside of the door about 3/8". Door panel is 34" wide.

On the sill there is a sill cap made of wood. 1" wide, 3/4" deep. Length is 34 3/16". It has 4 screws that secure the piece to the bottom of the door frame.

Corner pads are also warn and I probably should replace them. 1 1/4" wide by 2 1/8" tall.
A quick learner from Hastings, MN says:
The door is 1 1/2" wood stiles and rails on the inside with a 3/8" deep vinyl lament on the outside. Total thickness of the door is 1 7/8"

The sweep is 1 3/4" wide, it's 1/8' smaller then the thickness of the door.

I also notice below the sill on the inside is a 1 1/4" wood piece supporting the sill. The left side, 2" or so is soft :(

hmm, I think that may be part of the problem with the gap showing up between the sweep and the sill cap. The gap ranges for 1/16" to 1/8". Suffice to say water, and cold, found a way easily into the home this winter. lol, my wife informed me when it rains we find a few earth worms on the inside.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! We don't have an exact match for your bottom door seal, unfortunately. You may want to consider our 58-176 as a possible replacement. This wraps around the entire bottom of the door. Could this work for you as a substitute? Its inside width is also 1-3/4".

We do not replace wooden trims. I recommend that you contact a local carpenter, they should have no problem making up what you need.

Finally, I'm afraid we do not replace cats, either. However, yours appears to be in good condition, so you should be okay for now.
A professional from California says:
I don't know, that cat looks a little angry. I'd recommend a few scratches behind the ears.
A quick learner from Hastings, MN says:
The door is 1 7/8" thick, so the piece you have probably won't work. The piece is 1/8" shy. I'd have to trim the door down 1/8", which I suppose I could do. Not sure I want to tackle that core.

The current sweep is 1 3/4", but it only wraps up the side on the inside. It open on the bottom, kind of a reverse v weather strip approach.

I think I maybe out of luck.

I'll have to confess I didn't see the cat until I uploaded the picture to your web site. I wonder if he has any ideas, lol
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. Well, we have a few more bottom sweeps you may want to look at. Check them out by following this link. Take special note of the 58-174. This is a fairly popular bottom sweep, though it would likely require a retro-fit in your case.
A quick learner from Hastings, MN says:
Pondering ... I'll let this brew for a few days. It's seems the options are:
1) trim the rail 1/8" to get the 1 3/4" depth
2) trim one side of the sweep off, and secure the remaining side (probably keep the inside) and secure from the bottom
3) route a couple of slots on the bottom of the rail for the 58-174.

Thanks for your help.

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