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Metal Bifold Closet Door from home built in 1974

A home owner from Golden, CO says:
Pivot Bracket
MATCH: Peachtree Pivot Bracket, 3/4" Wide
Product Code: 21-210
ID 1/4"
W 3/4"
L 1 1/2"

Pivot Pin
5 in. long 5/16 round stock
3/4 in long 1/4 in dia. pin
2 5/16 long 5/16 - 18 thread
3/8 long turned 1/4 in. dia.

Square Plastic Snap Flange
3/8" long
0.600 square top
0.500 square base
5/16 dia. hole

Black metal expanding ferrel and nut

5/16 - 18 nut

Slider Pin
4 1/2 in. long 5/16 round stock
1st. split ring slot: 2 3/8 in. from bottom 1/4 in. dia. 0.032 wide
2nd. slot (unused) 1.850 in. from bottom 0.238 in. dia. 0.048 wide
spring 7 coils 0.650 ID top 0.310 ID bottom

Press fit nylon cap
0.460 long
0.612 in. dia. base
0.409 in. dia. post
0.290 in long post
1/16 hole on top (for air when press fitted?)

2 Square plastic snap flanges

Top Pivot Pin
The top pivot pin matches the Slider Pin except it does not have the Press Fit Cap.
User submitted photos of bi-fold door pins.
User submitted photos of bi-fold door pins.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting, and for the detailed information. Check out our 21-029, 21-029, and 21-030 and see if you could use these as replacements.
A home owner from Golden, CO says:
Thanks for the thorough response Paul.

The pivot pins you suggested have a 1/32" interference with the Peachtree Pivot Bracket, 3/4" Wide, Product Code: 21-210. Am I correct in assuming that this is deliberate for when the nylon of the bracket deforms?

Your suggestion confirmed which parts I was going to order. I am going to place my order before getting your reply.

Many thanks for all your help. I think your company's customer service is phenomenal. I am so glad that SWISCO makes such hard to find replacement hardware!
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Actually, our 21-210 will not work for these pins. We recommend our 21-211.
A home owner from Golden, CO says:
Thanks Tom,

Looks like I should have waited to place that order after all. I will return the 4 brackets (21-210) and order 4 of the 21-211 as a replacement.
A home owner from Golden, CO says:
Hello Tom,

Sorry for the extended delay in this follow up post, life has gotten busy.

The brackets (21-211) do not work in the track for my closet doors. The 3/16" long bolt sleeve prevents the square nut from clamping onto the rail and also prevents the nut from sitting in the guide rails. The wings on the 21-211 bracket are too low to catch the top edge of the guide rails.

I have attached a dimensioned photo of the rail and three dimensioned photos of the bracket. This, along with my previous dimensioned photos of existing hardware, should give enough information to reproduce the brackets and pins that I need.

% Bracket %
1.500 OAL
0.750 Wide
0.110 thick
0.040 bolt sleeve length
0.320 Dia. Bolt hole in plastic
0.680 Dia. recess for Bolt head
0.040 (approx.) depth of recess for Bolt Head
0.020 depth of rail guides
0.100 edge to Center of rail guide
0.035 (approx.) rail guide width
0.600 width of support "wings"
0.400 OD of pivot pin support
0.250 ID of pivot pin support
0.080 ID air hole at bottom of pivot support
0.720 Bolt Center to Pivot Pin Center distance

% Bolt %
3/8" - 16 thread
0.780 OAL
0.275 Height of Bolt head
0.550 thickness of built in washer

% Square Nut %
3/8" - 16 thread
0.550 Length
0.213 thickness

As always, thank you for your help.
User submitted photos of bi-fold door hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience in this matter. I'm not sure if we have this exact hardware. You could possibly use a new track like our 21-401, 21-402, 21-403, and 21-404, but I don't know if that will work. You could also consider our 21-203 pivot block. Could you get any of this hardware to work?
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