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Missing Part Owens Corning window

A contractor from Waterloo, Iowa says:
We are trying to identify and purchase this part that we need. It's an Owens Corning window. It's a double hung window and for the bottom sash The first picture shows it inside the window and the second picture shows where it's missing on the other side. The next 3 pictures are of the part outside of the window. It is about 2 1/4" in length.

Thank you in advance for your help!
SJ Construction Inc
User submitted photos of a pivot bar.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Misti! This is an odd looking pivot bar. I don't think we have anything like it, but I'd be more than happy to help find a replacement for you.

Before we can really get started, though, can you first tell me what the distance is between the screw hole centers? I'd also like to know the width of the fat part and the skinny part. Thanks!
A contractor from Waterloo says:
Thanks for getting back to me.
The distance from the center of the screw holes looks to be about 2 1/4 cm.
The fat part --If you are looking at it where you cannot see inside that width measures 9/10 of a cm if you are looking at it from where you can see the inside of the unit (Like in the picture with the red shavings) that width measures 1 and 2/10 of a cm. The skinny part width measures 8/10 of a cm either way.
Thank you for all your help! I was not able to find anything online so I really appreciate it!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the extra detail! I'm not sure if we have this exact pivot bar, but we have a few suggestions that might work as substitutes. Check out our 26-379, or maybe our 26-382 and 26-040 working together. Let me know what you think!
A contractor from Waterloo says:
Thanks for getting back to us and Thank you for the suggestions but I had my boss look at your suggestions and none of those 3 units will work. Do you have any other suggestions?
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
In that case, how about something like our 26-083? The wide base may not be needed at all, as long as the pivot can attach to the base of the sash and fit into the pivot shoe. With the 26-083, you may need to take a hacksaw to it in order to cut off a little if the length is too long, but check it out and see what you think.
A handy person says:
Thank You! I got them ordered! Thanks for all your help!
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