How to acquire and install Pella Screen Hanger Screws?

A home owner from Cleveland, OH says:
These instructions:

Refer to "two screen hanger screws" used to attach the door to the trolley.

I bought a house with one of these screen doors but I can't find any screen hanger screws.

I think the screw holes in the trolley I have may be stripped, but it's hard to know since I just guessed at a few screw sizes.

Can anyone tell me what sort of screw is intended to be used here? I'd like to know they're obtainable before I try buying an expensive part like this trolley.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! The hanger screws should be fairly easy to find. They're literally holding your screen door to the top track. Is there nothing there? If not, what is supporting your door?
A home owner from Cleveland, OH says:
The previous owner of the house had removed the screen door from the frame. I found it in the shed. Fit into the track, the screen door drags roughly in the floor guidance track, and the latch doesn't line up properly. It's not connected to the top track or the trolley at all.

The screen door has holes in the top of its frame for the hanger screws, and the holes line up with the trolley's holes, but the holes are empty.

I have tried a couple of sizes of screws. They seem to screw in to the trolley well enough on their own, but they pull out under the weight of the screen door. So I suspect I'll need a new trolley, but that won't help me without the the hanger screws. I'm hoping the correct hanger screws are just standard parts I can get anywhere.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience in this matter. We are currently working on a possible replacement, I just need a bit more information from you. Is your sliding patio door a Designer Door, with storm glass on the interior, or a Proline Door with IG Glass--the wood for this one would be very plain where it meets the glass.
A home owner from Cleveland, OH says:
I believe the glass parts of the door have removable storm glass inserts on the inside, so that might indicate a Designer Door. Perhaps I can arrange for a photo later.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Thank you. It sounds like you have a Designer door. I believe we have the appropriate replacement for you. We will post again in this thread as soon as we have more information available.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience in this matter. Our new 80-060 Pella Screen Hanger Screw is now online and available for you to view!

Now, we have assembled a brief guide to help you install these. Please refer to the following instructions.

For this project, you will need a #2 bit Phillips-head screwdriver and a narrow tip flat-head screwdriver.

First, remove the strings from the pile insect stripping on your screen door. Please note that if these strings are not removed for this step, the door will not slide properly.
A SWISCO guide image to help install a Pella screen door.

Next, angle the top of the screen toward the door frame. You'll then want to slide the screen carrier away from the lock jamb with one hand while aligning the screw at the rear stile with the other. Start both screws approximately two turns.
A SWISCO guide image to help install a Pella screen door.

Now you'll want to push the bottom of the scren door over the sill frame track. The bottom leaf is stiff, but it will bend enough to allow the screen door to slide into place. Make sure that the bottom leaf is fully inserted into the groove of the sill.
A SWISCO guide image to help install a Pella screen door.

Adjust the two hanger screws so that the screen meets the lock jamb squarely. Please note that you do not over-tighten, or the screen will not slide properly. We recommend approximately 3/16" clearance between the sill and the screen.

If the screen door does not self-close, or if it closes with too much force, simply adjust the tension on the return spring. Locate the tension adjuster in the end of the screen track, and then, using a flat-head screwdriver, turn the adjuster clockwise to increase the tension. Push in and turn the adjuster counter-clockwise to decrease the tension.
A SWISCO guide image to help install a Pella screen door.
A home owner from St. Louis, Mo says:
4 years late to the game, but this thread has been very informative! A couple of things: Use a small block (I used a broken clothes pitn) to prop the guide farther back from the stop so you can manipulate the door. In my case, the stop would not move, even when I removed the screw. Next: The "rubber" slide at the bottom was very stiff. I throughly cleaned the glide track and wd40'd the plastic. I hammered the plastic peice in one end then "rolled" the remainder with the screen repaair pizza cutter. Don't laugh. You know what I'm talking about. Thanks, good luck. If I can do it, anyone can.
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