Pella sliding glass door rollers

A home owner from Pennsylvania says:
I need two replacement rollers for a Pella sliding glass door that was installed in 1973. I have removed one of the rollers to take its measurements and find all dimensions match your description for part # 81-098 except for the "height" My rollers are 2" high and your diagram shows 1 11/16" high. Will that roller work in my door or do you have the larger one?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
The 82-244 roller is a taller Pella roller, 1 7/8", but it has a flange on the bottom.

To get started, upload a couple photos of the original roller you are trying to replace so we can take a look and help you research.
A quick learner from Pennsylvania says:
Thanks for the quick response. I remounted the door after taking the roller assembly measurements and sending my first question. Because my assembly looks just like part 81.098 I assumed I would not need to take a picture.If necessary, I can unmount it again and take some pictures, but as you know, unmounting and remounting the door is difficult because of the door's weight. My roller assembly does not have a flange. It not only looks just like part # 81.098 but has the same dimensions except for the "height" which is 2" on mine and 1 11/16" on part 81.098.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
I am not too familiar with the compatibility of certain Pella rollers. However, it does appear the 81-098 Roller Assembly may work as a replacement, despite the difference in height. To be certain, can you upload a photo of your original roller so we can take a look?
A quick learner from Pennsylvania says:
I've explained why I'm reluctant to remove the door again, but I will do so if that's absolutely necessary. However,I wonder if we can answer my question about using part 81-098 with a 1 11/16" height in place of my part which has a 2" height.
On October 25, 2009 a customer from Halifax, Nova Scotia asked the same question regarding the difference in height, 2" vs. 1 11/16".(See "Pre-701 Pella Roller Assembly" in your archive.)Here is Paul Sr.'s response: "The 81-098 replacement Pella patio glass door roller will replace both the "Pre-701" and the "701" Pella models. The wheel has a 1-1/2" diameter and a 3/8" thickness."This answer indicates the height difference does not matter.So, what do you think, can I order the 81-098 and use it in my door?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Yes, I believe the height difference should not matter in this case.
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