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Pivot Bar question

A home owner from USA says:
Dear Swisco: I have a beach house with vinyl windows. I am confident I can replace the pivot shoes and spiral balances that have rusted. However, on some of the windows, the pivot bars have rusted badly, and I cannot determine how to remove them from the window frame. The bars seem integral to the vinyl frame, and it is not obvious to me how to replace them. Attached is a pdf file showing my windows.

I sincerely appreciate your kind assistance, and thank you for the excellent web site with the wonderful videos.

User submitted photos of window hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Dennis. We should be able to help but I cannot identify what you have based on these pictures. Before we can identify the your tilt bars or even recommend a way to remove them, we will need you to remove the sash so that we can see them. Check out the video below to see how best to remove a tilt window sash.
A handy person from Raleigh, NC says:
Paul: Sorry for the delay in getting the images back to you. The windows are from our beach house, and I have not been there for some time. As you can see, I have done a poor job on maintenance and lubrication/rust prevention. I have tried to show some images where the pivot bars have rusted to the extent they no longer are connected to the slides in the sash. Can these pivot bars be replaced. I frankly can see no simple way of removing them. I really appreciate your kind assistance.
User submitted photos of window hardware.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
The tilt bar looks like our 26-040. Do you agree? To remove the rusted tilt bar, first soak the area with WD-40 for two to four hours, then see if you can unscrew the screw. After that, heat the corner of the window with a blow dryer to loosen the bar and work it out with a pair of pliers. Be careful not to overheat or you will break the glass or warp the frame. With the pivot bar out, try to confirm if our 26-040 is a match.
A handy person from Raleigh, NC says:
Hey DAve: This is the correct tilt bar part. Thank you. I have to also replace a few spiral balance tubes. I have 5/8" series 600 tubes (plastic tubes rather than metal). I have 3 different size windows, and the tubes proper measure either 16.5", 25.5", or 28.5". Should I round each length up to the next whole number (17", 26", and 29" respectively) for ordering? The tips are white.

Unfortunately, I did not measure my pivot shoes (windows are at the beach house). From the image above in the previous thread can you ascertain what pivot lock I will need? Is the fact that the housing for the pivot bar is blue suggest it is a 15-015?

Also, from the images above, can you suggest what type of sealing strip I would need at the bottom of the window?

Thank you for your patience and assistance. I appreciate it.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello! I think I can help. When calculating length for the Series 600, you can round up to the next inch (17", 26", 29", etc.). For the pivot lock shoe, based on your photos I would go with our 15-046. This is for vinyl windows, while the 15-015 is for aluminum windows. Finally, for the bottom weather strip, can we see a picture of the cross section with dimensions? That will help us find the best match.
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