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Replacement pivot bar for broken vinyl

A handy person from NC says:
Hi : My pivot bar matches up perfectly with your number 26-327 . The problem is not the bar itself but the vinyl or plastic that holds it in place is broken . I was thinking of using # 26-319 which is an inch longer and drilling new holes where the plastic is still good to hold it in place . Do you think this would work or do you have any other suggestions? It would be ideal if the 26-327 was available in a longer version . But so far no luck finding one.

The broken plastic I refer to ( or perhaps it is vinyl ) simply runs along the entire length of the bottom of the window . The pivot bar is simply held onto the window by one screw , screwed into the bottom the window . This piece ripped off right where the screw goes in . I was thinking of using the longer pivot bar ( the 26-319 , which is shaped similar to the current 26-327 ) because the plastic/vinyl is still in good shape where I would driil a new hole for the screw.

Thanks !
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
This is why I dislike welded vinyl sashes. When the sash gets damaged you must replace it. I liked the older mechanical screw-together sashes.

You say that one tilt bar is longer than the other, but also take note of the other dimensions on the tilt bars. The 26-327 is thinner than the 26-319. If the 26-319 will fit in your tilt shoe in the track then it might be a good fix. What I like to do is to use something like the 26-210 Pivot Bar Holder, 26-341 Pivot Bar Body, or the 25-382 Pivot Bar Case. These are pivot bar cases that go in the corner of the sash to hold the pivot bar. However it takes a lot of time and patience to install these. There is also a lot of cutting and improvising involved. I would recommend that you get in touch with the contractor who installed the windows and see if they might be able to help.
A handy person from NC says:
Thank You for the observations . I realize the dimensions are different between the 26-327 and the 26-319 and they don't match up exactly . That would be too easy ! But they are close enough that its at least worth a try . Do you know for sure that any of the pivot bar holders you mention will hold the 26-319 ? Both the 210 and the 382 look interesting but I'm wondering if I'll have room to mount them in my window .

Also , while I'm at it , is there anything I should use to lubricate the tracks or the hardware of these windows to make them easier to open and close ?

Thank You !
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
To use the housing you would have to do some cutting of both the sash frame and the pivot casing. It is not an easy job. In using the thicker pivot bar you might be able to file down the end to fit into your pivot shoe. As for lubricate, a Silicone spray should do the trick.
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