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Replacing the balances on my windows

A home owner from Chicago says:
Hi there, I live in a mid-rise in Chicago. I've got four windows, and need to replace the channel balances on all of them.

The two smaller windows appear to be a 16" Series 390, and are stamped with "P 15s22" ..

The two larger windows are 39" Series 390, stamped with "38DS BSI VK 50L"

I've no idea what strength to get for either of these, and understand that the 39" channels would require some sort of special order.

Thanks for your help!

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting! You are right, the 39" balance will have to be custom made. Before we can begin with that though, can you please give me the sash weights for both of the windows? That will help us determine the appropriate stamp options.
A handy person from Chicago says:
Hi there,
Sorry for taking so long to reply!

The large windows weigh between 64 and 65 pounds, each.

The small windows weight ~22.5 pounds, each.

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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Hi Mike,
Thank you for getting back to us with the needed information.
I will email you custom balance ordering links shortly.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience in this matter! We have everything we need to move on with this order, but I just had one last question that I'd like you to help me clear up. Now, your original stamp reads "38DS BSI VK 50L." During our research of this balance, we discovered that those last three digits actually indicate a sash weight of 50 pounds, while your sashes weigh 64 to 65 pounds. Can you confirm their weight for me? If they are, indeed, still 64 to 65 pounds, how did these balances operate in that sash in the past? Were they ever hard to open? Were the the balances that the window came with, or were they replaced by someone else in the past?
A quick learner says:
It's funny you should ask because the windows were very difficult to operate. I paid someone to replace the counterweights a few years ago, and he definitely did not weigh the sashes. They were OK, but not great, for a couple months before they got bad again. Don't ask me why I've taken so long to get them fixed, again!

I'm 100% certain of the weights that I gave you. It doesn't surprise me at all that there would be a discrepancy. I really appreciate your thoroughness!

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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Very well then, 65 pound strength per pair of balances it is. Thank you for responding so quickly!
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