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Ribbed channel balance identification

A quick learner from Duluth says:
This came off of a Crestline window. I got no help from the retailer nor the manufacturer. Beyond the "40C", there are some smaller stamps, "198" and "VN" from what I can read (they are really small stamps). The shoe looks like your 15-014 my balance looks very much like the S751, including the shoe. It is a tilting window with a ribbed balance.

I have included a picture of the channel in which the balance lives, and a picture of the shoe as it is installed. Sorry I cannot get a better picture of the original shoe. The shoe is broken in the balance I removed from the jamb, and I don't want to try to remove the other side because it was such a PITA to get the one channel out of jamb. The shoe does have the little metal knife blade on a pivot, but I cannot be certain it is exactly like the 15-014.

The dimensions of the channel seem to match up with the dimensions of the 15-014 show. Please refer to my picture of the channel.

Hopefully this will be enough information to identify the properly replacement channel balance. If I need to remove an original shoe I think I may need to cut out a small section of the channel to get it out, or find a tool to spread the channel open.model. Only one is broken, but I would consider purchasing 2 (or more).
Shoe and channel
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It's tough to make out, but your shoe looks like it could be closer to our 15-197 than the 15-014. Can you confirm? Could you also show me a picture of the balance so that I can see how it attaches to your jamb liner? Finally, please tell me what number is stamped on the balance itself.
A home owner from Duluth says:
Thank you for your help. Upon inspection, I agree that the shoe looks identical to the 15-197. The balance is 41" long with "40C" stamped on it. In smaller letters there is "198" and "VN". The balance hangs on an S-hook that is 1" long (you can see this from the end on the jamb liner in my picture). The balance has a rivet about 7/8" from the top that hooks on. It appears the only way to hang the balance is to remove the jamb liner, put in the balance, then install the jamb liner.

I hope that helps pin down what I need. Thanks again for your help.

A home owner from Duluth says:
Here are a few pictures of the balance.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you again for waiting. I believe we can custom make this, yes. The last thing I'm not sure about is the style of the metal channel. I think it might be ribbed instead of plain, but I'm not sure. You can see a comparison here.

Assuming it's ribbed, I'm thinking of making a 41" long Series 751 balance for you, but with the default shoe swapped out for the 15-197. The only question after that is which option to choose. None of the S751-41 options match "40C," but I will tell you what we can offer:

40R: Can carry a sash weight of 15 through 25 pounds
40HD: Can carry a sash weight of 25 through 30 pounds
40TG: Can carry a sash weight of 30 through 38 pounds

Please let me know which of these options would best match your sash weight.
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