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How Do I Identify My Top Sash Guides

A handy person from Chico, CA says:
I don't see any guide information for selecting a correct window sash top guide to go with a selected channel balance setup. Since you have a myriad of different shapes, I would think the shape was designed to work with a particular balance top. In looking thru the assortment, none of the shapes match the old sash guide on my windows. But since I'm replacing both channel balances with something reasonably close, I would expect that there would be a matching sash guide selection that would be indicated.

It's obvious that I need the correct width to fit the 5/8 channel in the window sash. It would also seem that the depth would be important for fitting into the window frame, and the height would be important to fit the selected length of the balance to the window height. But in some of the sash guides, the height isn't specified.

Also, what if my guides are broken or missing? It also seems obvious that the screw hole should match up to my window sash. But some of the sash guides don't give the height from top of window to screw hole. (In some cases they give the height from the bottom of the sash guide; but what if my guide is broken or missing - the only thing I can measure is height from top of window sash.)

It's easy enough to measure the length of the balance, and the width of the toe; but unless you have an exact match in hand for the sash guide, there isn't enough information to make an informed choice. (So I just guessed, based on a reasonably close screw hole height.)
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Top sash guides actually very rarely correspond to one specific type of balance. Trying to identify them that way is probably not the best way to go. Instead, it's better to try to match up the style and dimensions of your hardware to what we show on our site. If you're not sure of what you need, you can upload a picture of an undamaged top sash guide here for me to see, along with dimensions, and I can try to find something for you.
A handy person from Chico, CA says:
Height from tip to top about 2 1/4", Top cover 7/8" wide x 11/16" deep, Distance from top of sash to center of screw hole about 1 1/32", widest width 5/8" with narrower neck section about 3/8".

You have nothing like this on your site. The closest I could find is one without the top cover 18-008.
User submitted a photo of a top sash guide.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the picture! That's a huge help. Actually, I think our 18-171 might be a closer match. What do you think? This doesn't have the top "T" either, but that actually doesn't matter that much. It would only mean that the top of your sash wouldn't be flat, but looking at your picture it doesn't look like it was in the first place anyway. Do you think you can get that to work?
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