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What Latch Lever for 82-310?

A quick learner from New York says:
What do folks use as a latch lever to pair with this? I'm adding a key plug to a door that previously had only a thumb lever. I purchased this and it fits wonderfully to operate the latch, but I can't figure out how to add a thumb-latch back on the "inside" of the door.

My old thumb-latch looks like an 82-231. A single piece of metal with a 90 degree bend serves both as the lever and the tail-piece that turns the slot that rotates the latch cylinder. There is no way to attach the new tail-piece from my 82-310 so the thumb-lever and the lock and rotate together (see IMG_20151128_123833 where the tail-piece of the 82-310 is next to the 82-231-like thumb-lever with no way to connect them).

The next thing I tried was to purchase an 82-106 thumb-lever, but it expects a larger rotational guide than my door-handle has (see IMG_20151128_123913 where the tailpiece of the 82-310 lock is fitted into the slot of the 82-106 lever, but the lever won't fit into the u-shaped rotational guide in my door-handle).

Is there any thumb-lever that fits into the same size rotational guide as a 82-231, but has an open slot that can receive a tailpiece like an 82-106?
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Take a look at the video on installing a key lock on a patio door. You can see it below. The tail of the thumb turn and the tail of the key cylinder butt up to each other inside of the Mortise latch. if you can, send us some photos of the mortise latch in the door. This could help us find a solution.
A quick learner from New York says:
This makes perfect sense now. Somehow I got it in my mind that the place where the tailpiece and thumb-lever needed to join up was at the thumb-lever. It didn't occur to me to have them meet in the latch slot and use the slot itself to rotate whichever one isn't in use.

With that clarification, I should be able to sort myself from here.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Glad to hear it! Let me know if you need anything else.
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