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Who is the manufacturer of the windows these latches fit?

A home owner from Washington DC says:
Hi, have been searching for this part for a long time for my 20-year-old aluminum windows.

Product Code: 26-054 and 26-055. Need to check specs, but these look like they are direct replacements for my badly uv-deteriorated tilt latches.

Do you know the manufacturer of the windows these latches fit? I cannot find any identifying marks on the windows, so I do not know the maker. If you can identify them, perhaps you carry other parts that fit them, such as the spiral balances that don't hold the windows up any more.

thank you.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
These latches are not manufacture specific, they are used to replace the latches on windows made by many different companies.

We can help you to figure out what the proper replacement spiral balance would be for your window. You can start at the beginning of the spiral balance catalog section and see if you can figure out what balance you need by following each step. You can also reply to this discussion with images of your current balance system for us to research. We should be able to suggest a replacement balance by looking at your photos.

If you need help replacing any other part of your window, either describe the part in this discussion or send us a quick picture to research.
A home owner from Washington, DC says:
Thanks, Paul. I ordered the 26-054 latches.
Their dimensions are an exact match as shown in
the first photo (old one in white). However,
do you have any tips on installing them?
I am having difficulty fitting them into the
very tight openings on the top of the
window as shown in the second photo.
The old ones came out easily as many were
broken due to UV damage, but since they are the same size, they obviously fit somehow. There is a tongue on the inner side -- how do I slide that under the top of the sash?

The other photos show the spiral balance,
measured from the bottom mount screw with the window tilted inward. What would be
the correct replacement?
user submitted photos of latches and balances
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
To install the 26-054 Top Tilt Latches you will first need to remove both top screws and slightly lift the top rail. You should then be able to slide the nub on the back of the latch in the frame.

Your balance replacement is the Swisco Series 600 Spiral Balance with tip option red. You will need to measure the length of the metal tube to determine its length. For your pivot shoe, please take a look at the 15-015 Pivot Lock Shoe.
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