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mounting spiral balancers in my old window

A handy person from USA says:

Do you have some illustrations of how these are mounted? I took apart a window in my daughters recently purchased 1908 house in the historic district in Elgin , Il. There was an ancient spring part entirely within the sash mounted with a screw you can see in these pictures at the top of the sash into the wall. it is 27 inches long, about 7/16 th
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Good morning! Yes, this is a very old balance that is no longer made. We don't have any official information on how they mount, but I believe there should be a bracket on the bottom of the sash to which the tip of the spiral balance hooks. It would also screw in at the top of the window frame.

If you need to replace them, we can help. It may be an easier solution in the long run. You could consider substituting it with our Series 500 spiral balance, along with our 17-012 bracket. This type of balance has been used in similar wood windows for decades and is still being manufactured. Just make sure you have enough room to install it; the diameter of the tube is 5/8".
A handy person from USA says:
you are correct in that there was a bracket at the bottom of the sash for this old piece to fit into. I know how this mounted, what I meant to say was how do your new parts mount, i.e. with-in the frame of the sash or above it etc., don't see any illustrations. Will order your suggested parts once I know how they mount.
Thanks very much.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Take a look at the guide below, this shows you how we install balances like our Series 500. I think this will help make things clearer.
A quick learner says:
thanks, while the illustrations could be better, see if I have this correct. the tube gets mounted above the sash and the spiral spring is what will be pulled down the grove in the sash to the bracket at the bottom? I checked the dimensions and this grove is 5/8ths and doesn't matter anyway because the tube is not in the sash or only a very short part of it. I rechecked the size of the sash rather than measuring the old spring, and it is 27 3/4 and the distance from the top of lower sash to the top of the window is 26.
Will this change the size of the new balancer I buy
Thanks again,
A quick learner says:
sorry wasn't thinking , I see the tube will be in the sash grove when it is raised, so since the tube is 9/16th and grove is 5/8 will that be enough space or would a smaller tube be better?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The groove might be wide enough for the Series 500 spiral balance, but if it's not then your options are severely limited. I don't think we have anything else that would work. Could you or someone else be able to route out the groove to enlarge it?

Keep in mind that these windows are very old and any hardware you use to repair them may require some retrofitting.
A quick learner says:
yes I could enlarge the grove slightly if necessary.
Am I understanding the mounting properly and what do you recommend for the length of the new series 500 based on the measurements I took.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
If you are unable to determine length from your old balance, I can calculate it for you based on the height of the visible glass for both the top and bottom sash.
A quick learner from Illinois says:
OK since the mounting was in the sash for the old one. the lower glass is 23 3/4 if you want the wood size also it is 1 inch at the top and 2 1/2 at the bottom.
the top glass is 23 1/2 and the wood is 1 1/2 at the top and 1 inch at the bottom.
thanks for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Great, thanks. I recommend our S500-25 for the top sash and S500-27 for the bottom sash.
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