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no markings no names no anything. Home built in 1999 door is vinyl

A home owner from Kailua Kona, Hi says:
Just bought home parts are missing on two identical sliding doors. I would like to order new handles that lock and I find all of the parts confusing. I need to know everything I need to order to replace these two with handles that lock with a key. Thank You

Confused in Hawaii
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
We have a couple different handles that match this style, but their hole spacing is 3-15/16", not 4-15/16". Can you confirm?

If the handle is reusable, then you might just need to replace the turn lever. We have a few different sizes. See our 82-237 for example, which is 1" long. What length would you need?

Now, for the mortise lock, yours looks like it could have been our 82-218 (which uses the 89-021 keeper ). Carefully compare its dimensions to the space left in your door.
A quick learner from kailua kona, hi says:
There are five drilled holes in the door but yes there are two of the holes that line up at 3 11/16 which would put the locking devise at 2 1/2" does this make sense?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
So the measurements of the 82-218 match the hole where the old mortise lock installed? If so then I think it would be a good match.

You did not confirm the hole spacing on the handle itself, though. What is the hole spacing on the handle set? Could you use just a latch lever like I suggested before?
A quick learner from Kailua Kona, Hi says:
There was no mortise lock so it is only a guess but the 82-218 looks like it would work.From center of top screw to center of bottom it is 3 11/16ths. 1 1/16th deep for screw holes from side of door. My broken latch lever measurements are all the same except it is not 1 5/16ths long it is 1 3/4ths without the plastic end. The stem that is inserted into the latch is 1". It is 1/16th thick and 7/32 wide.

The handle is in tack. I do need a keyed lock. I don't know if the one that was here is the right size as there was no Mortise lock/latch to test it but the one that was in the handle is as follows: the cylinder measures 1 1/4" and the stem 9/16ths and has a 1/2" tab on top.

I also need a striker or keeper I believe it is what it is called. The one I have on the 3/8th wide opening and will accommodate a 2 1/2 " latch.

To summarize My handle is fine I need the latch, lock and lever that is compatible with my handle. After carefully looking at the vinyl door it appears that because of all of the drilling a metal piece was inserted into the inside and part of a problem I see is it kind of flops around.

Is their a vinyl filler or patch that can be used to plug the existing holes and re-drill? I can remove the door and remove the metal. Or maybe even a new sheet of metal that fits a little better. Don't know but thought I would ask. I still need the parts I mentioned.

Thank You

Thank you.
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Dave from SWISCO responded:
Hopefully I can help clear things up for you. Replacing this kind of hardware is actually very simple, and with the information we have I think we can get you squared.

The mortise looks like it is the 82-218, as Paul covered. I think this will work well, assuming it will fit in the hole. The 82-310 is the key cylinder we recommend for your type of handle. You will need to cut the tail on the cylinder to fit the thickness of your door, but that's about it.

You mention that the key cylinder is loose in the handle. There aren't really a lot of options available to pack that out, so you may want to consider replacing the handle as well. See our 82-032 for a possible match. This can work with the 82-218 lock and 82-310 key cylinder. Just confirm that your hole spacing is the same. You never got back to us on that. Finally, the keeper looks like our 89-029. Again, we list detailed dimensions on our site so all you need to do is compare ours to yours.

Do not remove the metal inside the door. That is used to stiffen up the vinyl. I believe the handle should cover up the unused holes in the door. Honestly, if you are unsure about this project or your measurements, you might want to contact a locksmith or contractor familiar with your type of patio door to do the installation for you.
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