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roller assy length

A home owner from San Luis Obispo, CA says:
In order to verify this matches my rollers what is the length of the assembly? Mine is 1-7/32" long.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Check out the length of our 87-201 in the image below.
Alternate view of 87-201
Are you sure this is what you have? If it won't work, can we see a few pictures of your roller removed from the window? That would help us find a better match.
A handy person from san luis obispo, ca says:
Tom. Attached is the photo you requested. The rollers are 7/16" dia. The number molded in the plastic is 215-310-1. Thanks
User submitted a photo of a window roller.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Perfect, thank you. This looks very similar to the 87-201, except it appears yours is missing those tabs on either end. Do you think your roller once had those and that maybe they have broken off?
A handy person from San Luis Obispo says:
I don't think my roller assy's ever had the tabs to the left and right. I looked at several of my windows and none had it.
The tabs (protrusions) on the 4 corners are what holds it to the cutout in the aluminum frame so they must be there. They don't appear in your sketch.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hmm... in that case, please give us a little time as we research a possible replacement for this roller.
A home owner from Philo / Ukiah, CA says:
Just bought a house with these windows everywhere. Several missing wheels or entire assemblies... They use the same plastic frame but without the wheels along the tops of the windows, and some of those are missing, too. I see vaguely similar parts but bigger, with more prongs. Nothing quite like this. Milgard dealer "doesn't go back that far". No response from Milgard factory...

Any ideas?
User submitted photos of window rollers.
210-315-2 stamp
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you both for your patience in this matter. Unfortunately, after extensive research, we have been unable to find an exact replacement for this roller. The closest we were able to find was our 87-201, though there are no guarantees that it can work as a substitute. I am sorry we cannot be of more help.
A home owner from San Luis Obispo, CA says:
Tom, Thanks for continuing to work with us on finding replacement assemblies.
The home owner in Ukiah, CA has the same windows as I. My house was built in 1985. On his photo you can see how the wheel assembly is held into the tracks with the protrusions on the corners.
All of my windows have wheel on top and bottom of the windows, just some are worn.
I might be able to use the 87-201 and bond it in place with Loctite 1451588 Polyurethane adhesive (available at some Home Depots) as long as the wheels were in the correct position. The Polyurethane will not stick to hard to smooth surfaces so it could be removed easily.

I don't know what the right side end is in the photo from Ukiah.
A home owner from Ukiah, CA says:
Problem solved. I finally reached someone at Milgard on the phone who knew what I needed as soon as I said "1986". When they arrived I didn't think they were going to work, but amazingly they do fit fine, even though they have totally changed the locating projections.

The new design looks like the SWISCO 87-201, and many other common parts. Turns out the pairs of little prongs on the far ends of those snap down into the groove in the center of the aluminum, providing the location that used to be handled by the four wider projections. The extra half-inch of length doesn't interfere with anything, at least in my windows.
A customer submitted image of their window roller.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
That's fantastic news! I was hoping that our 87-201 might work. It makes sense, since we weren't able to find the original anywhere. Thank you so much for the follow up, hopefully this information will help many others in the future.
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