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Five Common Window Problems Solved: Save On Costly Replacements & Energy Bills

CAMDEN, NJ - (DECEMBER, 2012) - Consumers are always looking for ways to save money – now more than ever. SWISCO.com – the leading online source for replacement hardware – says one of the best ways homeowners can save is by repairing, rather than replacing old, faulty or drafty windows.

"With a little guidance and the right parts, anyone can repair their windows on their own," said Dave Pallas, President of SWISCO.

Here you'll find five common window problems with corresponding tips on how to get started on repairs.

1) Faulty Windows - If windows won't open or stay open, it may just be a matter of adjusting or replacing existing hardware. For hung windows that open up and down, you should first inspect the sash support system. Most sash support systems are located on the sides of the window and may be hidden by a cover. Inspect your sash support system and see if it's causing your window to fall or stick. For a casement or awning window that cranks open with a handle, it may just be a matter of replacing the window operator.

2) Drafty Windows - Seasonal changes often times expose leaks in your window frames. Replacing worn down window weatherstripping could be an easy solution to sealing these gaps and providing energy cost savings. Weatherstripping is located around the perimeter of your window sash. It comes in many shapes and forms, so be sure to check closely when looking at replacement options. SWISCO.com provides a tutorial video on how to replace your window weatherstripping: http://www.swisco.com/videos/view48

3) Security - For security and safety reasons alone, broken window locks and latches present a problem. Like most other window hardware, these items can be identified online and replaced. "Out of all the window issues, this is probably one of the easiest DIY projects," adds Pallas. "Just be sure the replacement parts you order match in size to the old ones."

4) Broken or Foggy Glass - If the glass in your window frame is foggy, it means the insulated seal was broken and the insulated glass unit needs to be replaced. If the glass in your window frame is broken, it too can be replaced. Remove your window sash and bring it into your local glass or hardware store to get it repaired.

5) Damaged Window Screen - Window screens, like glass, can also be replaced. If your screen is damaged, you may be able to find help at a local window or door repair shop. Be sure to keep your old screen so you can take it to be measured for a replacement. If your screen frame isn't damaged, it can be reused and fitted with new screen mesh.

For more information about window repairs, including videos customer forums and replacement parts, visit www.swisco.com.

SWISCO.com is the leading online source for replacement hardware for windows, doors, closets, bathrooms, drawers and more. Headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, the family owned company began as a small mom-and-pop repair shop in the 1970's. Today, in its third generation, SWISCO.com continues to provide the same high-quality customer service online. The company helps clients across the globe complete home repair projects via its interactive website, which features an extensive product catalog with hard-to-find parts, discussion boards, instructional videos, expert tips and tools.
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