27" Series 765 Balance

Product Code: S765-27

27" Series 765 Balance
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1-11 $14.16
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50-99 $12.04
100-249 $11.33
250+ $10.62
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Product Description
This is a Series 765 channel balance for tilt-in windows. It moderates the operation of your window sash using a specifically calibrated spring and pulley system that allows the window to stay open when raised.
  • This balance has a 27" long metal channel.
  • Comes fully assembled with a screw clip on top and a pivot shoe hook attached at the bottom and will be ready to install out of the box.
  • The strength you need should be indicated as a stamp or imprint on your old metal channel. If you do not have a stamp, or cannot match it up to our options, weigh your sash on a scale and refer to the chart below.
  • Can work for either the left or right side of the window interchangeably.
  • Used in American Craftsman and Silver Line vinyl, single hung, new construction windows, as well as Silver Line Series 1200 vinyl, double-hung, replacement windows.
  • Stamp Option Sash Weight Range
    26-1 9 to 12 lbs
    26-3 12 to 17 lbs
    26-5 17 to 23 lbs
    26-7 23 to 30 lbs
    26-9 30 to 34 lbs
    *This information is based on 2 balances per sash. Balances are designed assuming friction in the jamb weather-strip will carry a portion of the sash weight. Suggested sash weights are approximate.
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