6.5 lbs Series 159 Coil Balance

Product Code: S159-6

6.5 lbs Series 159 Coil Balance
Quantity Price
1-11 $6.14
12-49 $5.53
50-99 $4.91
100-199 $4.61
200-399 $4.05
400+ $3.75
Product Description
This is a Series 159 stainless steel spring for tilt windows. It moderates the operation of your window sash using a specifically calibrated coil spring that allows the window to stay open when raised and remain shut when closed.
  • Individually, this coil balance can hold 6-1/2 pounds. This is added together with the other coils to support the whole weight of the sash.
  • The weight you need should be indicated as a stamp or imprint on your old spring.
  • Measures 3/4" thick.
  • The maximum travel length is 40".
  • Designed to work with a pivot shoe (sold separately).
  • This coil balance spring is sold individually, not in sets.
  • Can work for either the left or right side of the window interchangeably.
  • Coil balances are also known as constant force window balances.
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