We’re Open and Here to Stay!

Swisco.com is excited to come together and help our readers finally tackle that project they’ve been putting off or spark an idea that they may never have had.

October 4th, 2017
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Our Brand

The sign, “Come In, We’re Open”, invites us to browse at our favorite shops, where we find some of our favorite things, partly because the people behind the counter make us feel welcome by sharing their expertise.

In an effort to bring you an online “mom and pop” shopping experience, we invite you to be an active participant in our blog. We’ll be featuring fun and informative posts by SWISCO.com staff writers Casey Rosevelt, Kathleen McSorley, David Pallas Jr., and Bob Langan; among other contributors. Our goal is to provide content that our readers find both interesting and helpful in their daily lives. To do that, we’d love some feedback and suggestions about what you want to see from us next!

Our People

Casey, a University of Florida grad, jumped from the strict and exciting world of journalism to social media and blog writing shortly after graduation. Thanks to SWISCO, she is now able to combine her love of writing with DIY projects to help customers branch out of their comfort zone to create the home of their dreams.

“One of the best parts of writing for ‘Come In, We’re Open,’ is the fact that I get to form my own ideas and reach out to others with more knowledge than I could ever have alone to help me expand those ideas,” she shared.

When not elbow-deep in blog ideas, Casey enjoys cooking, reading and spending as many summer days at the beach as possible.

Before starting at SWISCO Kathleen admittedly, didn’t know much about window and door parts. After over a year of identifying hardware, writing video scripts and moderating SWISCO’s discussion board, she’s gotten a pretty good handle on the industry (and obviously loves a good hardware-related joke).

“It’s cheesy, but the best part about working for SWISCO is helping customers through their problems,” says Kathleen. “By wearing so many hats here, I get to see firsthand what’s difficult for our customers and then write about it! Whether it’s for the blog or a video script, I love being in a position where I get to makes things easier for the people I help every day.”

Outside of SWISCO, Kathleen can be found outside – gardening, practicing yoga, watching a Phillies game or walking her dog on one of their many routes in South Philadelphia.

David has been helping in the family business since he was nine. After graduating from La Salle University with a Computer Science degree, he now helps manages both the office and warehouse on the day to day aspects of SWISCO.com. Now he’s helping the creative team in directing and production of their online video tutorials, which often sparks an idea for the blog.

When not worrying about window locks and balances, David enjoys working in community theater or spending the weekends with friends and board games.

As one of the newest members of SWISCO.com, Bob has proven to be an asset to the blog on top of his responsibilities as a hardware expert. When he’s not writing back to customers on what hardware they should use for their latest repair job, Bob is working on his PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies & Continental Philosophy at the University of Essex. He is also a fiction writer and the author of The Icons of Man fantasy series.

It’s our different backgrounds and common motivation to write that will ensure that this blog has something for everyone. To ensure that happens, we’d love to hear from readers about what you’d like to see us post about next. Any ideas can be submitted here for one of our contributors to review. Thanks for getting to know us and we look forward to hearing your ideas in the comments section!




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    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Swiskids. I’m looking forward to reading all about you.


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