Bring Your Home to Life
This Halloween

Creep out the neighborhood with digital decorations.

October 13th, 2017
3 minute read

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, but they will make your home the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween.

Move over, plastic pumpkins! AtmosFX Digital Decorations will bring your home to life this season with animated fun and freaky scenes projected right onto your doors and windows.

From ghastly ghouls haunting your living room, or a zombie attack on the second floor, to pleasant pumpkins and jaunty jack-o-lanterns, all levels of horror are represented in AtmosFX’s inventory.

“We’ve always been proud of the quality of AtmosFX Digital Decorations,” says Pete Reichert, CEO and co-founder of AtmosFX, based in Seattle. “We know there is nothing like them. But we’re really proud of the community these decorations seem to create. All the time we get emails from customers telling us about how neighbors congregate in front of their houses, and how much they enjoy that connection.”

The only downside, Pete says, is, “They also tell us that, because of this, they always run out of candy during Halloween!”

All that’s required to create some spooky special effects are a digital projector, AtmosFX projection material (or a sheet or curtain), and your imagination.

“The AtmosFX Window Projection Material definitely works better than a curtain or bed sheet,” Pete says. “We tested many types of materials before selecting one that worked best with our projected decorations at a very affordable price.”

For even better visuals, AtmosFX also carries a Premium Window Projection Material, which is made of vinyl and adheres by static cling. It can be cut to custom sizes, which makes it perfect for custom windows, including bay and bow windows.

“We always encourage our customers to experiment, so if they find a shower curtain or bed sheet that works for them, they should go with that,” he says.

Most of the digital decorations come in both horizontal and vertical orientations, so almost any window can be used to scare the pants off your neighbors or delight young trick-or-treaters.

“The real key is to find a window that everyone can easily see from the outside,” Pete added.

Bay and bow windows can be used and are preferred, because they are large and are usually placed in the front of the home.

“If you put projection material directly onto the glass, you might notice a portion of the projected image becomes slightly out of focus,” Pete says. “It really depends on the projector you use and the shape of the window. We’ve had a number of videos shared with us from fans who pulled off great decorations using their bay and bow windows.”

Doors and windows are not the only places digital decorations can be used.

“We always make sure to tell our customers that they can use AtmosFX Digital Decorations in numerous places – on a TV or computer monitor, on walls and ceilings, even on objects like pumpkins,” Pete said. “But the majority of our customers first use them on windows. You get your biggest bang for your buck there – the set-up is easy, and you know everyone is going to see it.”

Most of AtmosFX’s decorations can be set up in about 10 minutes, he added. For a window projection display all you need to do is put projection material on the window, and then focus your projector onto it. Done!

Both the window projection material and projector are located indoors, so there’s no need for a ladder, either.

“Not only does that make it easy to set up, but everything is safe from the weather and secure inside your home,” Pete said.

It’s so simple, he added, that kids can help in the set-up.

“If you’re preparing to project one of our family-friendly decorations like Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree or Boo Crew, we’ve found that it is almost impossible to keep kids from helping,” he added.

After Oct. 31st has come and gone, do not put away that projector! AtmosFX has a sackful of Christmas images ready to make your holidays bright. Whether it be Santa Claus checking his list or a fireplace glowing, these digital decorations are sure to build holiday excitement around your neighborhood.



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    Great information! I’m having a blast decorating with AtmosFX this year.

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