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Some Love

Stay Out of the Doghouse This Valentine’s Day

Please don’t give me any more of those long-stemmed roses.

On February 14th, they cost four times as much as they did on February 4th, and they’ll be dead in a week. Instead, for less than the cost of that bouquet, you could do something I’ll really remember: repairs around the house.

After all, how long have we had to prop the front window open with that broken hockey stick? Why do we even keep junk like that around? There must be some way to repair the window and replace… whatever it is that needs to be replaced.

The patio door is no better. It takes a Herculean effort to open it even a crack, and all the pushing and pulling is starting to take a toll on the handle. Yet, when I suggested calling a professional, you said it was a simple repair.

And it’s the same old story with the kitchen drawers. They’re weighed down with silverware and dangling from their tracks, ready to collapse on the feet of any unlucky soul who happens to give them a nudge. When will we head off that disaster?

Let me give you a few hints. Take this Valentine’s Day list, study it, and see if you find any inspiration:

  How to Replace a Tilt Window Spiral Balance

  How to Replace a Patio Sliding Glass Door Roller

  How to Install a Drawer Track Kit

Trust me; if you can make good on just one of these fixes, then you know I’ll be yours this year.

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