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One of the great things about reinventing a closet is being free to get creative by showcasing storage, patterns and colors that may not work in a larger room.

If your closet isn’t sliding as nicely as it once did, you don’t have to get a whole new system to fix the problem. Instead, we’ll walk you through some repairs, plus give a few bonus tips for sprucing up the rest of the space while you’re at it.

After you’ve tackled the fix, keep the project momentum going by personalizing your closet to fit your style and needs — because who said closets need to be boring?

1. Fix the Problem, Add Some Charm

Like any project, you want to make sure your foundation is solid. If your closet hangers aren’t riding on the track properly, or have visible damage — it’s time to replace them. They’re the small roller assemblies in your upper track that allow the front and rear door to slide smoothly. The hardest part of replacing them is removing the doors, but once you do that, it’s as simple as installing a few screws and adjusting the height of the door. 

While your doors are removed, it’s the perfect time to give them a fresh coat of paint. And instead of sticking with a safe color, why not add a touch of boldness to your room? Something like Sherwin Williams’s color of 2020;
Naval SW 6244 allows for a dramatic pop of color that creates a sense of calming and grounding.

Accent the bold navy by replacing your knobs with a polished or antique nickel or brass like our 22-037 or 22-004.

2. Show Your Personality

If you don’t want your closet doors to be the focal point of the room, a hidden splash of color inside the closet may be more of your thing. You’re free to get as creative as you like by showcasing patterns and colors that may not work in a larger room. Try a peel and stick wallpaper for a quick application and creative results. To tie the closet together with the rest of the room, add an accent accessory like House of Hipsters’s runner rug.  

3. Declutter & Personalize

Now that your doors and walls look great, why throw all your clutter back inside? Take the time to get rid of unused items, then organize what’s left for easy navigation.

Bustle offers a few guidelines for cleaning out your closet, but my favorite is to change the way you approach the task. Instead of thinking about what items you want to get rid of, shift your perspective to what items you want to keep. The change in mindset offers a more optimistic outlook for streamlining your wardrobe to just the items you love!

Space-Saving Hangers: With all of the clutter removed, consolidate what’s left with space-saving hangers. Horizontal and vertical options can consolidate your clothes, while still making it easy to see where everything and cut down on precious closet real estate.
Hooks: Sliding closets usually offer up more space than their counterparts, so take advantage of the space by adding versatile organization options. Something as simple as adding a few hooks to the inner wall gives extra dimension while also creating a solution for hanging awkward or bulky items like scarves, hats, belts, and bags.
Shelving: If you’re up for one last DIY, adding a shelf or two at the top of your closet can create extra storage for items that don’t get everyday use. I Spy DIY offers an easy tutorial for shelving that can be done in just a few hours. Use the extra space to store items like blankets, towels, and sheets that don’t need everyday access.

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