Extruded Vinyl Glazing Replacement

Sun, heat and age can all take its toll on vinyl parts of your window. When the time comes to replace your vinyl glazing beads, our experts can walk you through choosing the correct replacement and completing the repair.

January 27th, 2020
2 minute read

Any window has its pros and cons but one of the great things about having vinyl windows is that brittle vinyl glazing beads and most other repairs are relatively easy to fix. As long as you have a hammer, chisel, hacksaw, clamp and a block of wood handy, our experts are prepared to walk you through the rest. 

Step 1: Whether you’re working on a tilt or non-tilt window sash, you’ll need to remove it to safely and efficiently replace the glazing bead.


Step 2: Lay the sash on a table against a wall or other stationary surface so that the sash will not move as you work on it.

Step 3: Coming in from the side, wedge the chisel in between the window frame and vinyl glazing bead to create leverage for removal.

Step 4: Use a hammer to push the chisel just deep enough to pry the glazing bead out of place. 

• Remove the entire strip by tapping the side of the chisel and repeat the process down the length of the glazing bead on all sides of the sash.

Step 5: Once removed, measure the length of your existing glazing bead and mark the desired length on your new replacement.

Step 6: Using a clamp to hold the replacement vinyl glazing bead steady, use a hacksaw or shears to make a clean cut.

Step 7: Now it’s time to reinstall your newly sized glazing by using the hammer with a block of wood to line up the glazing bead and pressure fit it into place. 

Step 8: After installing all four sides, you’re ready to reinstall the sash. 

Contractor Tips


• If the existing leg of your glazing is on the longer side, you may have trouble removing it as shown in our tutorial. 

Example: 55-080 vs. 55-015 from our demonstration.


If that is the case, using a slotted screwdriver to pry the glazing straight up and out of the sash is the best way to prevent further damage. 

• If you’d like to watch the process from start to finish, the SWISCO experts provide step-by-step guidance in our latest YouTube video.


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