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This guide will help to identify variances for a better-informed decision in choosing the correct S795 set-up for your window. 

SWISCO’s Series 795 balance assembly is a block and tackle system that regulates the open and close function of your tilt-in window. This balance can be used to replace a range of balance systems with just a few variances depending on the differences of your window. This guide will help to identify those differences for a better-informed decision in choosing the correct S795 set-up for your window.

Default Components of an S795
The standard Series 795 includes a 9/16”, or more commonly considered in the trade, a ½” wide metal channel with a screw-in clip at the top and a closed cam, 1-¼” wide T-lock shoe on the bottom.

To determine your balance length, measure the metal channel excluding the top and bottom fittings. Next, locate any stamped markings on the metal. This number and letter combination represents the weight range that the balance spring is calibrated to support.

Fully Assembled Series 795 Balance

Bottom Fitting Variances
First measure the width of the “T” of your pivot shoe to determine if the width is 1” or 1-¼”.

Now check if you have an open or closed cam. If the cam is closed, the back of the shoe will have a flat, metal surface that you can’t see through. As opposed to the open cam option, which will have a clear opening in the center of the “T.”

If your T-Lock shoe isn’t 1-¼” wide with an open cam, you’ll need to purchase the 1” Closed Cam or the 1-¼” Closed Cam to swap in. Here’s a better idea of what that process looks like:

Pivot Bars
Compare your original pivot bars with the styles and dimensions offered in the SWISCO catalog. The Series 795 can be paired with several pivot bar options, but the 26-021 pivot bar and 23-366 are a good place to begin your search.

Contractor Tips
When working with older windows, you may come across the older style block and tackle balances that feature a nylon “P” hook as a top attachment. While these have been discontinued, you can upgrade them to the Series 795. To make the switch, you’ll need an additional screw plug to modify the top of the balance. Be sure that the hole in the window frame is square and can accommodate the ⅜” x ⅜” screw plug.

If the old hole that accommodated the “P” hook is oval or slot-shaped, you’ll need a specialty version of the S795 that includes a Balance Clip Attachment. For this style of balance, reach out to SWISCO’s experts here.

To watch our experts complete this repair, watch our tutorial video below.

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