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Here are some workarounds in our arsenal that we’d like to share with anyone who’s been putting off a drawer repair.

When it comes to drawer hardware, SWISCO carries a diverse selection of replacement hardware. Whether it’s sockets, brackets or slides, our experts can offer a replacement for most hardware with just a photo and dimensions of your original part. On the occasion that we don’t carry a direct replacement. There are some workarounds in our arsenal that we’d like to share with anyone who’s been putting off a drawer repair.

One example would be replacing Kenlin hardware. You can find their sockets and case runners anywhere from a bedroom dresser to a living room end table.

If your drawer uses Kenlin’s standard Rite-Trak I hardware, the repair process will be fairly straightforward. Simply purchase a replacement for the broken part from and follow along with our experts as they walk you through installing your new hardware in the video below.

These parts are used by many different furniture manufacturers so the installation process may vary. Generally, the socket and case runner will engage with the runner gliding on the metal track. Mimicking the installation from another drawer using functional, identical hardware should clarify any uncertainty.

One aspect of Kenlin hardware that is known to cause some confusion is that there is a second, hard to find drawer system. If your existing sockets are oval shaped and have “Kenlin Rite-Trak II” stamped into the mold, this is a unique system that cannot be replaced by SWISCO.

After a lot of research, the hardware experts have found an upgraded option that they have used in their own repairs. Replacing all of the hardware from the Rite-Trak II system with a new drawer track kit replaces all of the Kenlin hardware and renders the Rite-Trak II system unnecessary. Our track kit is also manufactured with quality materials and will stand up to the test of time.

The complete drawer track is a great option because it replaces the track as well, which can be a difficult part to obtain on its own. Our experts have put together a tutorial on converting to a new drawer system.

If you still have questions or concerns, pictures and dimensions can be sent to our experts here, and they will work with you to find the best route to repair your drawer.

  • Anonymous

    3 months ago

    I have purchased the Kenlin drawer guides in the past. They are the trak 1. Can I purchase the drawer stops separate?

    • Casey Rosevelt

      3 months ago

      We do not carry Kenlin brand drawer stops but we do offer the 32-125. Take a look at this part and the video shown on our product page to see if this might be the type of part you’re looking for.

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