How to Identify Casement & Awning Operators

Replace your casement or awning window operator with a little help from the experts at SWISCO.

September 3rd, 2020
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When it’s time to replace an awning or casement window operator, SWISCO is here to assist. With just a few details, our experts can identify the replacement hardware needed to complete your DIY repair. Submit the necessary information through our Part Identifier for a replacement recommendation.

STEP ONE: Take a photo of the operator.
In some cases, you’ll need to uninstall your operator to get a photo showing all of the most important details, but a birds-eye-view of the operator’s arms while installed is a good starting point, in most cases. Completely crank open the window and remove the screen for an unobstructed view. Take a downward-facing photo that shows as much of the operator as possible.

STEP TWO: Provide dimensions.
Supplying the dimensions of the operator’s arm or link arms is the most helpful information to identify the correct replacement. However, each style of operator requires different measurements.

Awning Examples:

Casement Examples:

STEP THREE: Include any stamps or markings on the operator.
While the manufacturer’s information isn’t helpful by itself, supplying any stamps or markings along with photos helps narrow down the brand and model of your operator.

Once you have the necessary photos and dimensions, feel free to send your information to SWISCO’s experts for review. When the correct replacement part has been identified, head to our Youtube page for helpful awning and casement operator installation videos.


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