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Learn how to remove and install a non-tilt channel balance with this step-by-step guide.

Removing the Original Balances


STEP 1: If your window has sash stops, first remove them from the top of the jamb.
STEP 2: Pop out the take-out clips on both sides.
STEP 3: Raise the sash and push it to the left or right of the jamb, then swing it out.
STEP 4: Take hold of the balance and push down until the top guide clears the take-out clip. Remove the terminal clip from the square hole in the jamb.

Installing New Balances


Recommendation: replace both balances on each window.

STEP 1: Hook the terminal clip into the square hole in the jamb, then push down on the balance to secure the top guide under the take out clip. Repeat the process on the opposite side.
STEP 2: Position the left or right side of the sash into the jamb, above the bottom balance guide. Then, swing the opposite side of the sash into alignment with the frame. Lower the sash to engage the balance.
STEP 3: Snap the take-out clips back into the jamb and re-install the sash stops, if applicable.

For additional help with your channel balance project, reach out to our experts through our free, online Part Identifier. Or, watch them demonstrate this repair in our video tutorial below.

  • Anonymous

    1 year ago

    Hello Swisco,
    I have several windows that have had the window balances removed. I measured the weight of the window (20 lbs) and the distance from the bottom tray that the sash settles into to the bottom of the stop bracket you show coming out with a screw driver.(23 inches). The next missing set of balances have a window weight of 20 lbs and 30 inches between the sash tray and the bottom of the stop bracket. Is this enough info to get the length of the window balances needed? Thanks!
    John Wasson

    • Casey Rosevelt

      1 year ago

      Hi John,
      We’d be happy to look into this for you but it will require further research by our team of part experts. I would recommend sending photos of a balance removed from one of the identical, intact windows in the house to our experts for review here. At that point, they will reply either requesting more information or with their recommendations. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    2 weeks ago

    I am working on K& K windows that do not have stop clips. I am able to get the window out but can’t figure out how to remove the balance

    • Casey Rosevelt

      2 weeks ago

      If you’re referring to the take out clips, you could put a screw in the window jamb to act as a stop when removing the channel balances and remove it when you’re done. We have recommended this to other customers in similar situations. If you have more questions, I would recommend submitting them to our part experts here. Thanks for stopping by!

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