Patio Door Hardware

If your patio door is difficult to open, is noisy when it moves or doesn't lock correctly, then it's time to check for components that are broken and need to be replaced. This section features rollers, locks, handle sets, tracks, and other accessories to help maintain the function of your patio glass and sliding screen doors.

Patio Glass Door
Patio Glass Door
Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door
guide: Maintaining a Sliding Glass Door
Preserve the life of your sliding glass door and protect other components with some of SWISCO�s upkeep tips.
Maintaining a Sliding Glass Door
video: How to Identify Your Glass Door Rollers
A step-by-step guide on how to properly identify the correct replacement sliding glass door rollers.
How to Identify Your Glass Door Rollers
Patio Door Hardware
Can you identify the roller on my glass or screen door before I remove it?
No. With very few exceptions, it is necessary to remove the entire roller from the door in order to find a match. Seeing the housing assembly from different angles and taking into account its precise dimensions are crucial parts of the identification process.
Why is my door dragging?
A patio door should be easy to open, moving with just a simple touch. If your door does not open smoothly, there are a few possible reasons why. First, your rollers may just be improperly adjusted. This can easily be fixed by turning the roller's adjustment screw. In worse cases however, the rollers might be clogged with dirt and debris or may simply be worn down from age. Continually using a patio door in such a state can potentially lead to damage to the track, or even to the handle itself snapping off. Make sure to routinely clean and lubricate your track and rollers.
Can you sell me two locks that are keyed alike?
No. Unfortunately we are not able to supply replacement lock cylinders that are keyed alike. We recommend contacting a local locksmith for assistance with this process.
What's the difference between nylon and metal wheels?
Both wheels tend to work equally well, but there is a tradeoff. Nylon wheels cannot rust and therefore hold up much better in salt air environments, but they will wear out somewhat faster due to the softer material. Metal wheels are much more robust, but also are more prone to corrosion. Consider your environment when deciding which material to go with. When in doubt we always advise going with whatever choice matches your door's original hardware.
What does a track cover do?
A track cover can be placed over a worn or damaged track, thus ensuring that the door will still move smoothly.
Does the imprint on my glass tell you who made the door?
Information printed on the glass indicates the company that made the glass, but not the door itself, and therefore it is not helpful for identifying the door's manufacture nor its associated hardware. The name of the door manufacturer may be found elsewhere along the inside of the frame or printed on the door's hardware.
Can I "upgrade" a single wheel roller to a double wheel roller?
While possible in some exceptional cases, we recommend sticking with whatever matches your door's original hardware in the majority of cases. It should also be noted that a double wheel roller is not always a direct improvement to a single wheel counterpart; it really depends on the door's configuration.
If my mortise lock falls in the door, how do I get it out?
Because most patio glass door frames are welded shut and are quite heavy, it is not advisable to attempt to retrieve a mortise lock that has fallen into the door. We recommend replacing the part entirely.