Channel Balances

Also known as block-and-tackle balances, Channel Balances contain a spring mechanism and pulley system within a metal channel. They usually feature a unique combination of fittings or attachments at either or both ends. The spring mechanism within a channel balance is carefully calibrated to support the weight of a window.

Step 1: What type of window do you have?

Channel balances are used in both Non-Tilt and Tilt Windows.

Use the Window Wizard below to help you identify the correct replacement Channel Balances.

Top Tips

Tilt and Non-Tilt Window channel balances are not interchangeable. It is important to determine which type you have before making a purchase.

video: How to Identify Your Channel Balances
A step-by-step guide on how to properly identify the correct replacement channel balances.
How to Identify Your Channel Balances
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Everything You Need To Know About Window Balances
Channel Balances
What is a stamp option? Which one should I choose?
A stamp option indicates the weight range the balance is calibrated to support. To know what stamp option to select, use the stamp printed on your original balance as a reference.
What do I do if my stamp is missing or is too faded to read?
If the old stamp is faded or you are uncertain, weigh your window sash. On each balance's respective store page there is a chart under the product description. This chart lists weight ranges with their corresponding stamp options. You can use that chart to match your sash's exact weight with the appropriate stamp option.
What is included with a Channel Balance I buy from SWISCO? Do I have to assemble it myself?
All of our channel balances come fully assembled as shown in our product photos and will be ready to install out of the box.
Can you tell me what Top Sash Guide I need based on the balance Series?
Unfortunately no. Most Top Sash Guides are compatible with many different Channel Balances and vice versa. It will be necessary to see your original Top Sash Guide in order to identify it.
Does the color of the nylon fittings matter?
The color of the nylon fittings typically does not matter, but there are some rare exceptions. If you have any doubts, please contact our experts for guidance.
Can I just replace the cord or spring and reuse the rest?
No. Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the cord or spring and reuse the rest of the Channel Balance. Since these parts are under high tension it actually can be dangerous to attempt this, and we highly advise against it. Furthermore, when these individual components wear down, it's often an indication that the rest of the balance is also breaking down and should be replaced entirely.
Will lubricating the spring in a Channel Balance increase its lifespan?
Lubricating the spring in a Channel Balance can certainly help prevent rust and thus help the window move more smoothly, but it won't necessarily improve a balance's performance.
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