Window Balances

If your window fails to stay open, is noisy when it moves or is stuck, then it is very likely the window balances are broken and need to be replaced. SWISCO is the leading balance authority and this page will help you find the exact part you need for your project.

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Window balances are spring-loaded mechanisms that can be found on either side of the window frame. Their job is to regulate the opening and closing of the window sash .

New window balances ensure that your window operates as smoothly as it did when it was brand new and will keep the sash in place when you open it.

guide: Everything You Need To Know About Window Balances
A Definitive Guide to Window Balances
Everything You Need To Know About Window Balances
Window Balances
How long do window balances last?
The lifespan of a balance can vary depending on how often the window is used, as well as the condition of other parts in the window. If the balances fail quickly, it may be indicative of other problems such as the wrong hardware being used.
Should I replace both balances in my window at the same time?
Yes. We highly advise against mixing and matching old and new balances. If you do this, the new mechanism will have to carry a greater load to compensate for its older, weaker counterpart, causing it to wear out faster.
Do I have to take my window apart to ID my balance?
Yes. It is necessary to remove the window sash and then the balance itself in order to properly identify the correct replacement.
Can you tell me what balance I have with just the window brand?
No. Window brands tend to use many different balances, and there's usually no correlation between your specific window and what hardware it might need. With rare exception, it is necessary to see the old part out of the window in order to identify it.
How can I figure out the weight of my window sash?
You will need to remove the sash from the window and place it on a scale. A common bathroom scale will suffice.
Is this a project I can do myself? Or do I need professional help?
In most cases, replacing your window's balances is not a particularly difficult project, and we find that it is something a homeowner with relatively little hardware experience can accomplish. We offer detailed tutorial videos to help. If you would prefer assistance, we recommend that you contact a local professional.
Does the top sash also have window balances? Are they the same as the ones on the bottom?
Top sashes sometimes have balances, though not always. If the top sash does have balances, there is a chance that they will be different from the bottom sash. We recommend checking to be certain.
Can I use a stronger window balance than what my windows originally had?
No. If your balance is too strong then the window will be difficult to close or may even raise on its own. Conversely, if the balance is too weak then you will have trouble opening the sash or it will drift downward during use. The weight ranges for balances are carefully calibrated, and it is imperative that your sash's exact weight falls within the weight range of the option that you select.
If my sash weight falls equally between two weight ranges, which option do I choose?
Sometimes the exact weight of a window sash will fall perfectly between the weight ranges of two different options. If that's the case, theoretically you could use either choice. We recommend sticking with the option stamped on the original balance to be safe.
All the windows in my house are the same model. Is it okay to just buy the same balances for all of them without checking each one?
We strongly recommend checking each window just in case. If your windows are all the same brand then they may use the same kind of balance, but the length and weight rating of each balance may differ due to the size and weight of the windows in question.