Window Tilt Latches

Tilt latches are essential to the function and maintenance of tilt windows. They are spring-activated levers that allow the sash to tilt inward for cleaning or removal.

guide: Styles of Tilt Latches
Learn about the various types of tilt latches and how to choose the best replacement option for your window.
Styles of Tilt Latches
Window Tilt Latches
What is a tilt latch?
Tilt latches are spring-activated levers that allow you to tilt the sash into the house for cleaning or removal. When you press in the levers at the same time, the "tooth" of each latch withdraws and releases the sash from the track. This allows it to tilt in. Just make sure to raise your window a few inches before you do this!
What's the difference between the three categories of tilt latch shown on your website?
Corner Latches have a vertical leg that screws to the side of the sash, Internal Latches are covered by the top part of the sash frame, and Surface-Mounted Latches either screw directly to the top of the sash or plug into it from the side
Do I need to remove my tilt latch for identification?
Most surface-mounted tilt latches can be identified while they're still installed, but corner and internal latches will be obscured by the sash and therefore must be removed to ensure an accurate identification.
Do your surface-mounted latches come with screws?
Unfortunately they do not. Reusing your old screws will be necessary; in the event that your screws are missing, you can take one of the originals to a local hardware store to have them match up the proper size.
If my tilt latch isn't made anymore, can I use something different in its place?
This is possible for a lot of windows, yes, but it has to be approached on a case-by-case basis. Contact our experts for hands-on advice for your specific project.
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