Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is a seal that wraps around a door or window frame in order to keep out moisture, air, insects and debris. It is a cost-efficient way to lower the energy cost for your home and business.

video: How to Identify Your Weather Stripping
Learn the steps needed to identify replacements for your pile weather stripping, vinyl glazing, or bubble seal.
How to Identify Your Weather Stripping
Weather Stripping
How do I know what SWISCO product will replace my weather stripping?
The only way to properly identify weather stripping is to remove a small piece of the original and use the shape and size of the end profile as a reference. That cross-section view is vital for weather stripping identification.
How is weather stripping usually removed?
There are a few different methods depending on the design of the stripping itself. The two most common are a ribbed kerf that pulls straight out of a slot and a flat, "T" shaped base that slides out of a slot at the ends of the frame. There are exceptions to this and if you are unsure of what you have, please contact the experts for guidance.
My weather stripping is too brittle to remove. What can I do?
Weatherstripping that has been exposed to the elements for many years can be difficult to remove, but it is still possible. The only thing you can do is work slowly and carefully and try your best to extract an undamaged sample. Just note that the more damaged it is, the harder it will be to identify.
How can I remove my "T" shaped weather stripping without openings in the frame?
Unfortunately, there are some windows that are designed so that the weather stripping channels are totally sealed on the ends. In these cases you will need to make your own opening. The good news is that we have a detailed video that demonstrates the process of cutting out weather stripping from a window sash with no openings .
What lengths are available for your weather stripping?
All weather stripping on our site is sold in specific lengths, though this varies in each case. Refer to the product description for each type of weather stripping we sell for an explanation on available lengths.
If my weather stripping isn�t made anymore, can something else be used in its place?
It may be possible to use a different style of weather stripping to replace the original, but it has to be approached on a case-by-case basis. Contact our experts for advice regarding your specific project.
Can my foam-filled bubble seal be replaced with a hollow bubble seal instead?
Foam-filled bubble seal and hollow bubble seal perform the same job equally well. However if your weather stripping was not originally foam-filled, then using a foam-filled seal as a replacement could make the window more difficult to open and close due to the extra material. When in doubt we always recommend sticking with the design of what you had originally whenever possible.
What is a "fin-seal" and does my wool pile need it?
A fin-seal is a flexible barrier film that adds extra protection from air and water infiltration. It is not always necessary, however, and if your original pile did not have it then it could make the window more difficult to open and close due to the extra material. When in doubt, we always recommend sticking with the design of what you had originally.
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