1-1/4 T-Lock balance shoes 15-195

A quick learner says:
Do you know what window manufactures used this balance shoe in their windows? We have 9 double hung widows, many of which have broken balance shoes like this one. Are there substitutes that have stronger hooks on top? Thank you for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Many window manufacturers have used Series 795 balance over the years. That's not often the best method of identifying what you have. We recommend carefully going over our pictures and dimensions to confirm whether our hardware is a match. As for the clip at the top, I'm not sure if there is any stronger version. Ours are made of metal. In what way are yours breaking?
A quick learner from Lenexa, KS says:
The hook at the top of the balance shoe is where it breaks. Our balance shoes are made of molded plastic. I think the tension on the balance is too much for the plastic. If your balance shoe clip is metal that sounds stronger. I'll try some of yours. Thank you.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see what you mean. I thought you meant the hook where the balance itself screws into the window, but you're referring to the shoe itself. Sorry about that! Our 15-195 is not metal.

To be honest I can't say for sure if ours are stronger or not. Like you mentioned, the spring tension sounds like it's too strong for the shoe. I don't believe this is a issue with the shoe itself, but rather a balance with a spring strength that does not match the weight of the sash. When a balance does not have the right spring strength, all kinds of issues start cropping up, including the kind of damage you describe.

For the Series 795 balance, spring strength is represented by the stamp option. Furthermore, each product page for this balance has a chart that shows how much weight every stamp option can support. I highly recommend weighing your sash on a scale to determine the best possible spring strength for your balance. Remember that you don't want a spring that is too strong or too weak; only the strength that best matches your sash weight.
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