1971 era narrow spiral balance end clip window

A home owner from Florida says:
Non-tilt old aluminum window with spiral balances with an attached plastic end (shown) that does not appear to be removable and there is a retaining clip when you raise the window up that holds the plastic end. These plastic ends have mostly broken and are are impossible to extract upward as it's too bulky; and plastic window edge guides do not enough room either. Not sure which replacement balances and ends I need and how to do the job. I've done channel balances before and the larger spiral balances with "T" prongs, but those are different. Thanks, Bob
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

This is an old Air Control/Keller window. We can provide this balance, but it will have to be specially made. Specifically, it would be our Series 301 with the default bottom shoe swapped out for our 15-011. Does that look good to you? If so, can you tell me the length of the outer tube? We will also need the weight of the sash.

Now, let's address how to actually remove these from the window. If you raise the sash up past the metal forks, they will catch the nylon shoe and detach from the sash. That should give you enough play to push the sash to one side and swing out from the other side. When the sash is out you can weight it on a scale to get us the weight.

To install a new balance, screw the balance tube at the top of the window track (while the sash is still out, of course) and bring the nylon shoe attached to the spiral up to the metal fork. Turn the spiral clockwise about three turns and lock it under the fork. You can use a tool like our 75-005 to do this. Then place the sash just above the metal fork, slide it to the side of the track, and finally swing over the other side. Then all you have to do is bring the sash down slowly to engage the shoes to the sash.

If you need clarification on any point, let me know!

Also, I'm not sure if you need them but bottom sash guides look like our 17-001 and 17-002. The top sash guides would be our 18-005. The metal forks are no longer available, unfortunately.

A home owner from Florida says:

I think you got it figured out right. I took out the window as instructed and took more photos and measurements as attached here. I guess I order six of the 15-011 and six 301 spiral balances. The Weight of the sashes are all 8 pounds. Here is what I photographed and what I've placed in cart so far. The 2 Series 500 are for a different window type.

I weighed both sizes of sashes and they are about 8 pounds each. I'm attaching the order I intend to place. I've added 6 of the 15-011 shoe to the order and 4 of the 17" balances and 2 of the 23" balances series 301. I'm ordering a few other parts for these and a different window. Thanks

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Great, thanks. You can attach these shoes to the Series 301 yourself, if you wish. We can also put them together here in our facility, if you'd prefer. I'll email you a special order link for the sizes and quantities requested and you can proceed with whatever method you prefer.

A home owner from Florida says:
Hi Tom. These parts worked out well. I managed to get a wider window sash out that weights 14 pounds and uses the same spiral balance and end clip, Series 301 with 15-011 shoe. The length is 23". I was hoping to order that.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Sure thing! Did you just need 2? I'll send you an order link for that quantity now. If you need more, please let me know here.

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