(2) independent 5-foot slinding doors need all rollers and handles etc

A handy person from FL says:
Just nipped/averted a probable nightmare bad tradesman that may have screwed up compromised our double slider old but good patio door by manhandlin this awful big double slider , not even tryin to find the right parts, puttin it back in cockeyed slin wrong, etc etc and leavin us hangin for 3 weeks

I'm not assuming anything except that we cannot afford another over priced double patio door & or remodeling worst case scenarios for 2 older folks on (2) disabled fixed incomes.S so now its all my fault go figure? This Medalion home has been around since the 1960's.

so this is what I found out, minus removing the doors from ther slider platform rails as follows: The (2 separate sliding glass Dayrl door's measure
(78"x 5ft-sections) with keyed locking (door handle assemblies);

I'm hoping that Swisco will have access to the exact spare-parts (2)keyed or not door handle assemblies and anything else that you recommend ..just now right I am looking screening the best honest experienced door man for the job who will and can work with us.

Please get back with us ..well very soon of course
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us! I hope I can help you with this situation. The problem is, Daryl made many different series of patio doors that all used different hardware. We do carry some of the replacement parts for the PR300 series. The lock with key could be our 82-008K, the lock keeper could be our 89-005, and the rollers could be our 81-008. We also carry the the rollers that should fit the PMII, which are our 81-049.

However, these are just educated guesses on my part. I cannot guarantee that they will work for you. The only true way to determine which parts you need is to carefully compare our specs to the original hardware and confirm that they are the same. For the rollers, this means that you will need to remove them from the door. I would check with your local glass shop or hardware store for a contractor to help you out with this, especially if your doors are heavy.
A professional from California says:
Rest assured all door repair people are not like that. I have never left anyone in a worse situation than they started in. No roller repair should take more than a few hours on our worst job, and we would never leave someone stranded for 3 weeks. Any repair person worth their salt should have those rollers ready to go. That's an uncommon door, but you have to be prepared for those. I have several parts on my truck that I've only needed once in twenty years. If you were in California I'd offer to get you fixed up. I hope you didn't pay them anything. Ask the next person if they are familiar with Daryl doors. If they don't know what you are talking about, or need to come out to see what you have before they can give you a price,(assuming you don't need track repairs or other surprise requirements) hang up.
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