23-071 removal

A quick learner from CA says:
By checking your part numbers and dimensions, it appears I have a 23-042 roller which mounts in the 23-071 bracket. My question is, how do I remove the 23-071 bracket from the aluminum door frame? I don't see a screw; it seems stuck in the track.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello! Hopefully I can help. First, you'll want to remove the door and lay it down on a table (or any flat, stable surface). Looking from the bottom up, there should be a groove on the metal edge of the door in which the 23-071 is installed. You should be able to simple slide it out. When you install the new one, slide it in until you hit the stop, then slide the 23-042 roller on the new 23-071.

When you reinstall the door, place it in the top track first, then swing the bottom of the door over and drop the rollers onto the bottom track. You can use a screw driver to adjust the bottom rollers if needed.
A professional from California says:
23-071 does not simply slide out. It is usually held in by a bend in the channel that it slides into. Are you sure you even need 23-071? I have only replaced a couple in 20+ years. The problem is usually in the 23-042 roller.
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