28.5 crossbow balance

A quick learner from tn says:
I have Creation Housing CR 13 A/P Barrier 3000 series windows. I think they are 46x68(sticker faded)or could be 46x60 not sure. They have the 28.5 crossbow balance in them. For some reason they failed only 2 yrs into use. I don't think the plastic part of the balance was strong enough for the weight of the window. The patent #5.737.877 is on the middle plastic section where the spring hooks to. That is the part that failed. Do they make a more stronger version of that particular balance in the 28.5 length?
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! It's hard to answer this question without knowing the weight of your window sash. That would be the main determining factor in what your balances can and cannot hold.

A pair of S850-28s with a Black Shoe can hold a window sash weight of 7 through 21 pounds, while a pair with the White Shoe can hold 21 through 26 pounds.

Furthermore the Black Shoe is generally used in windows less than or equal to 36" wide, while the White Shoe is generally used in windows greater than 36" wide. You should also keep in mind that the sash weight ranges I just mentioned do not include the manufacturer's sash friction from use of weatherstripping. All windows vary in sash friction due to manufacturing methods and weatherstrip types.

Now, if you want to try to replace the balance Series, you can look at our S795-29. You may be able to substitute if your shoe is 1-1/4" wide. However, you would definitely need to switch the pivot bar to work with this series, see our 26-021.
A home owner from Portland Tennessee says:
is the S795-29 a stronger balance than the S850-28s? I'm having the glass replaced and the company doing the glass said that the window will be heavier with the new glass. It weighs too much as it is, imo, but he said regulations require it.The current balances have failed on all my windows so I would like to upgrade if possible. So will I need to replace them to the S795-29, what is it's weight limit? The window size is 46x60 on the label. Thanks.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Neither is really stronger than the other. It depends on what option you choose. We will need to know what the weight of the new sash is before we can recommend an applicable option for either.
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