29 Inch Spiral Sash

A home owner from austin, tx says:
Hi, I'm wondering about the tip color - red, yellow or green. My sashes look grimy and greyish. Maybe green? The windows are either 46" or 22" wide, and about 58" high. Also, your 306 series show a bracket (15-066) slightly different than mine. I think the one on my sash is the 15-073. Can I purchase the sash with the 15-073 on it, or must I replace it myself with rivets?

I'm looking to buy 12 sashes. Thanks,
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us, Greg. You have a Series 900 spiral balance with the 15-073 shoe attached to the end. We can custom make this configuration for you, but we will need to know the length of the metal tube and the weight of your sash before we can continue. Since you need these for twelve sashes, that would make 24 balances altogether. Can you confirm?
A quick learner from austin, tx says:
Just to clarify, my windows are non-tilt - pretty sure, anyway. I didn't see shoe 15-037 on your site; is it similar to the one in my pictures?

-The metal tube is 29" - that's just the tube, and nothing hanging out.
-How do I determine the weight of my sash? Advice? :) The windows don't really release from their track; they just slide up and down.
-also, i may have been confused with the use of "Sash". I need 12 balances for up to 6 windows (or sashes).

I'm going to inspect more of the windows to see if the tip is the same on all of them. There are two sashes in a bedroom that might be heavier. The 900 series is more affordable, so I'll probably end up buying a few more. I was going to replace just the bad ones, but I see that your site recommends replacing both per window, so that's likely what I'll do. I get a better count of how many balances I need tonight. What's the turn-around time on custom balances? Thanks for help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Sorry for the confusion, that was a typo. I meant to type 15-073. To weigh your sash, you will need to use a scale. If it cannot be removed, you could disconnect your balances, place the scale on the sill, then gently lower the sash on top. It's not ideal, but it will still be a big help for us.

For this specific configuration, turn around time should not be long at all. This is a pretty common request.
A quick learner from Austin, TX says:
I weighed my windows - not easy to do. But this is what i came up with.
46" window - 18 lbs
34" window - 13 lbs
22" window - 11 1bs
16" window - didn't weigh it (pretty light)
Do those numbers sound right? If I order balances tomorrow, how quickly can they be delivered?
Thanks for your help with this project.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! We can work with this information. However, we still need to know the length of the tube for each balance in question. For the sake of clarity, please associate the length of the tube with each size window, the same as you did in your most recent post in regards to their weight. Please also tell me how many of each you need. It may be best to get the weight of that 16" window, as well.
A home owner from Austin, TX says:
46" window - 18 lbs (29") ... 4 windows
34" window - 13 lbs (29") ... 2 windows
22" window - 11 1bs (29") ... 1 window
16" window - 8 lbs (29") ... 1 window

Each window represents 2 balances, correct? Thanks for help with this.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Perfect, thank you. It looks like the same balance can work for the 13 pound window, 11 pound window, and 8 pound window. I will lump these together in one order form. The first window, at 18 pounds, will be slightly different due to its size, so I'll keep that separate. I will email the proper information to you immediately.
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