40-189 and weather exposure

A quick learner from Bucks County PA says:
Hi, I'd like to mount this on our screen door that opens out from our screened deck. Can this "closer" be exposed to weather? Rain, snow, etc., without failing?
Hope so - because this looks to be our perfect solution to keep pets in without setting the latch!
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. To be honest, I don't think this can be used on the outside. It's an interesting question, though. It is painted, and the spring is somewhat sealed, so if you keep it lubricated it may last, but there is no guarantee. I personally wouldn't recommend it.
A quick learner from Bucks County PA says:
Thanks for your reply, Dave.

For the price, I'll chance it.
Making it "weather resistant" looks easy enough (from the images) to put some non-hardening silicone caulk over the end screws, and with an adequate bead of caulk one either side of the rotating barrel (carefully sliced with a razor to allow for free movement) I think I can stretch its useful life long enough to satisfy my needs until something better comes along.

I would like to suggest that perhaps future models of this "closer" should include a pair of sealing gaskets at the rotating barrel. Their cost would be minimal but would expand the areas of use for this nice little device.

P.S. I'll try to remember to post a follow up at the end of the season if anyone is interested.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
We would be very interested in a follow up! I'm sure any result one way or the other would help other customers in the future. Thanks for ordering with us and let us know how it goes!
A quick learner from Bucks County PA says:
Hi, I wanted to give you some feedback on my purchase of the 40-189 Automatic Safety Door Closer after experiencing a "northern" mid-atlantic year of use.
I started this thread in June 2016, and purchased this item (white) in order to use as a screen door closer on my screen inclosed deck. While we had a generally mild winter in the Philadelphia PA region, we did have a hot, wet summer and wet with late freezing rain, snow, etc., winter.
I installed this unit on the exterior of my door, exposed to all of the elements (including sun) and the only treatment I performed was to liberally spray silicone lubricant in any access afforded by the design.
This unit performed extremely well. There was no "bleeding" of any rust from any internal parts, the door closes with the same force as when it was installed and continues to remain mostly silent.
It has worked well to keep our cats and small dog from opening the door when the latch is off.
FYI: I would definitely recommend this unit to any other buyers. It will surely last a long time if used indoors, and I expect to get a few more years from my outdoor installation with yearly lubrication.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Hello again! Thank you so much for the update, and of course thanks again for your business. Please let us know if you ever need anything else.
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