A Roller for a really old glass patio door

A home owner from Pennsylvania says:

The wheels on my really old doors are sticking and it's past time to replace them. Each wheel is 1 inch diameter and approx 5/16 thick - and is riveted to the door frame. There is some sort of bearing in a manner of speaking: I can see an inner part to the the wheel that does not spin, and then the outer concave part spins. The surrounding hardware dictates that the fastener I use has a very low profile head. I thought your 1 inch wheel makes sense but I can't figure out the axle and fastener part of the puzzle. I've attached a couple of pictures if that helps. Each door is 3 or 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall - and is supported by two wheels. I have 7 doors in all.

Your suggestions would be really appreciated!
User submitted photos of a patio door roller.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
There will be a few issues replacing this roller. First off, you will need to drill out the existing rivet which holds the old roller into the bottom rail of your door. As for what to do for the replacement, our 81-266 roller kit would be a nice choice, I think, because it has different fasteners included. However, it comes with a 1-1/4" wheel. We do have a roller with 1" diameter, our 81-234, but it does not come with fasteners. What you could do is purchase use our 81-234 roller, remove the rivet from your door and go to a local hardware store and purchase a through bolt/sex bolt which matches the existing rivet in your door. I believe that could solve your problem.
A professional from California says:
81-230 ?? Might be too wide, but something similar?
A home owner from Pennsylania says:
Thanks! I figured I would have to drill out the rivets. I don't think the 1-1/4 inch wheel works - too tight down here at the bottom of the door and might also run into problems with overall door height - they are tight to get out now.

But the 1 inch sounds like it works. It looks like it has a race/bearing with a 1/4" through hole - so I just need to find a chicago bolt/fastener with 1/4" barrel diameter that is the right length. Sound right?

In case I get desperate, what are the lengths and diameters of the fasteners in your 81-266 kit? If I have to just deal with the urgent door could I combine parts from the kit with the 1 inch wheel? Then I could hunt for fasteners for the other 6 doors.

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I believe you can find the through/sex bolts at a local hardware store. The diameter should match the hole in the roller bearing, 1/4", and the length depends on the thickness of your door. You should have no problem purchasing these items locally without accruing more expense then you have to.
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