ADW (Atrium Door & Window) Spiral Balance

A quick learner from USA says:
I have 3X6 dual glazed non-tilt SH aluminum framed window. Recently the spiral balances on both sides failed. The company no longer makes this style, replaced with a block & tackle, which I
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It looks like you have a Series 306 spiral balance, but with the default shoe swapped out for a 15-073. Does that setup look good for you? We can custom make this for you, but before we begin I just need a bit more information.

First, I will need to know what length you need. You can determine this by measuring the balance tube. I also need to know how heavy your sash is, which can be determined by removing the sash from the window and placing it on a scale. Finally, I just need to know how many balances you need.
A quick learner from Roanoke, TX says:
Paul, thanks, the order has already been placed.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I see you placed an order for our S306-29, however this won't work for you. Like I went over in my prior message, you have the 15-073 shoe instead of the one that comes with the Series 306 spiral balance. I recommend cancelling your order so that we can get you the proper hardware.
A home owner from Roanoke, TX says:
Paul, this is convoluted but I'll do my best to explain it. When I read your email this morning I, as mentioned, had placed the order. It wasn't until later that I realized the series 306 spiral balance extends down too far to allow the window to close. And by the way, thanks for pointing that out, neither Steve nor I picked up on that when the order was placed. After a protracted conversation with Tim it was decided that I send back the initial order & reorder with the default shoe.

Series 306 (2) with a swapped out default shoe 15-073.

Here is the info you requested: the balance tube length is 29"/the weight of the sash is between 20-25lbs (weighed on a bathroom scale) & after talking to Steve we both felt the green tipped balance with a load capacity of between 14-26 lbs was best suited.

Not sure if the files loaded but the shoe sits almost flush with the bottom of the sash.

Now Tim had told me I'd need to resubmit all the info (cc, address, etc.) how do I do that?

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I'm a little confused. I'm not sure if the default shoe will work for you. We usually like to stick with exactly what you had installed in the window before to avoid any complications.

The Series 306 spiral is a little longer than normal, but that is to accommodate the shoe at the end. As long as the balance is at the proper length it should still work. Can you confirm for me the length of your old spiral? It may be possible to custom make a balance with a normal-sized spiral and the shoe, but I just want to be sure of what you have now. In fact, it may even be best if you send one of your old balances with your return package so that we can look it over. If you haven't sent the return package yet, please add one of your old ones to it so we can do that.
A home owner from Roanoke, TX says:
Paul, I'll do that, it should arrive today.
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