Adding Andersen screen latches

A contractor from Cape Cod, MA says:
My clients live in a very windy location and their Andersen screens on their larger windows often blow out and become damaged. I'd like to add a second pair of screen latches for them to help solve this problem. Their windows are 2007 vintage Woodwrights with standard screens. Can you please advise which screen latches would be appropriate?

The factory latches are set in plastic surrounds. Are these also available?


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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Steve, thanks for posting. It's very difficult to install internal latches like our 70-174 without something like our 75-059 screen lancing tool kit. It's also a lot of trouble installing the Andersen clip with the plastic surrounds, as they require a special lance for the plastic housing.

May I give you another suggestion? You may want to consider our 70-204 latch and ball head screw set. This might be a more secure way of locking in the screens and keeping them from getting knocked around by the wind.
A contractor from Cape Cod, MA says:
Thanks for your suggestion, Paul. I had looked at the 70-204 as well as the 70-004. I'd like to install any secondary attachments on the vertical screen rails (stiles) just below the check-rails as I think that's where the wind-bowing occurs that causes the screens to pop out. At least two of the windows in question are very tall. Unfortunately the Woodwright DH configuration doesn't afford any attachment space for the bails/nails along the vertical axis. That's why I thought additional knife-latches there would work well.

I suppose I could try the -204 or -004 along the bottoms to see if they would keep the screens in place in the face of the unobstructed Nor-easters we get there.

For knife latches, I had figured on using the screen-lancing tool without the jig (won't work with existing screens), just clamping them up and free-handing like your video. Don't need the Andersen plastic surrounds if they're a problem and your video shows knife latches installed without anyway.

So, if I go with additional knife latches along the verticals, which ones fit the Andersen screens and do you sell the lancing tool separate from the jig?

Thanks for your help,
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The most popular Andersen knife latch is our 70-174. I can't guarantee that it will work for you, but it is probably your best bet if you were to do something like this.

As for the knife tool, we will work on providing it by itself. I will let you know as soon as that option is online.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Alright, please see our new 75-099 Screen Frame Notching Tool.
A contractor from Cape Cod MA says:
Well, thanks for making the tool available by itself. Your price is very favorable compared to other vendors as well.

I'll be getting back to that project with the screens next month, so will order the tool and some latches shortly and give it a go.

All the best,

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