Adding Cranks to Casement Windows?

A quick learner from New York says:
I just moved into a rental apt in a pre-war building with original (I think) casement windows. They move along tracks that are installed along the bottoms of the windows, if that makes sense. You open them by turning a latch along the side of the window and then pushing outward. There's no crank, and the mechanism is invisible from inside. (I can take photos later if this description is confusing.) I believe the mechanism is by Thorn.

The problem with this set-up is that we have two cats who are eager to push the windows open and make a leap for freedom. We've been considering screens as a preventative measure, but they'd need to be custom-made with wickets to accommodate the latches.

Is there any way that we could add a crank mechanism, preferably one that prevents the window from being pushed or pulled without using the crank? That way we could open the windows just an inch or two and not worry that the cats will escape.

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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Good Morning,

We carry Thorn operators, the 39-003 and 39-004, for metal casement windows.

Regarding the screens, you don't need wicket screens. For metal casement windows the screen fits above the operator. It should be a simple box frame, either 5/16" or 3/8" thick. The size would be around 16" X 36" or 48".

Any local hardware store should be able to help you out and make it for you.
A quick learner from New York says:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response! I was looking at those operators earlier. How easy would it be to use one of them with the window in the attached picture?

I've also attached a picture of the full window, in case that's helpful. I see what you mean about not needing a wicket if we are able to install an operator with a crank, but if we can't use a crank, we need the wicket in order to reach the latch.

Thanks again!
User submitted photo of window operator and window.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
My initial reaction is that this would not be an easy installation.

We do carry the different types of steel casement operators and the tracks you would need, however you will have to cut an elongated hole in the bottom of the main frame to accept the gearing arm of the operator.

But like I said, I do not believe this project is for the novice. You will need assistance from someone who has knowledge of this type of window and who has the ability to cut metal. I do not advise it.
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