Alenco Aluminum non tilt window balance re[placemnt

A home owner from USA says:

I have spoken with several of your customer servie reps. They asked me to send pictures of what I have but without being able to remove the balancer, I cannot absolutely be certain nor can I be confident of ordering (2) replacement balancers would be worthwhile if I cannot remove the old ones. In that vein, the following pictures are submitted to see if your expert representatives can guide me on how to remove and replace the balancers. Short of that, I can only hope that getting the tool for the S306 balancers and recharging them by turning a few more times cw might possibly be the only solution for me if I can't remove and replace them.

S306-29" (I believe) with a red tip and 3/8 inch diameter sleeve. I measured 29 inches from the top of the balancer down to the top of the window sash where the balancer appears to end. I pulled down on the clip with the top screw removed and there was tension on the spiral rod. As I tried to remove the balancer from the window, it wanted to unwind ccw and I counted 13 times of rotation to no tension. I tried but was unable to pull the balancer out from the bottom by pulling on the spiral rod. I then tried pulling on the 3/8 inch sleeve upwards to remove but that did not work either. It has a shoe type clip at the bottom of the sash and a spiral rod with a red tip so I am confident it is a S306 but the exact length of the balancer may be off if the sleeve goes below and down into the top of the window sash.

The window lock has the ALENCO stamped on the face and the tag at the top of the window is provided below.

Please let me know of your findings. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this matter.

User submitted photos of window hardware.
A home owner from USA says:
My apologies. Looks like the spiral rod type is S200 not S306. I was only looking at the fact it had a shoe and did not notice one had the spiral rod (which mine has), so that would be a S200 series right. I could take a picture but would have to take it apart again. I know it has the spiral rod in the inside that is tensioned.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

It's very hard to tell what you have while it's still installed. There are many details that are obscured by the sash. I can tell you that in my experience, most Alenco windows used the Series 500 5/8" diameter spiral balance. You would also have something like our 17-012 metal bracket screwed on the bottom of the sash or 17-062 screwed on the side, or even a 17-094 clip on bracket. These are just educated guesses,  though.

There is a hole at the bottom of the spiral you can hook onto with a 75-005 tool to release it from the metal bracket. You would remove the top sash stop, then pull the balance tube from the top or bottom of the sash. After that, the sash should come out by pushing it on one side and swinging the opposite side in towards you.

A home owner from USA says:

Hi Paul. I think you are telling me that the bottom non tilt sash can be removed so I can determine the correct spiral balance using tool 75-005. I have tried removing by removing the top stop and grabbing and pulling the spiral balance from the bottom and top but it hangs up both ways. If I need the tool to get it out then I will buy it but it gets hung up in both directions (pulling from top or bottom) when i try it by pulling on the spiral balance. Not sure of how the 75-005 tool will change that but I would appreciate a call so we can discuss and make sure I understand you correctly and then I will order the tool. 

I send a separate photo of the spiral balance insert with the catch at the bottom. I am reattaching below.

Thanks Paul


User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

For the S306-29" spiral balance, I find that once you unhook the spiral bracket from the sash and unscrew the balance tube from the top, you can raise the sash and then pull down the balance to remove it. To install a new balance, raise the sash and while holding it up work the balance tube up through the bottom of the sash. Screw the balance tube to the window. With the sash still raised, bring the spiral up with the bracket to the sash, hook on the charging tool, give the spiral three turns and lock it on the sash. Repeat on the other side and try the sash. If it doesn't hold up or drops, raise the sash, hook on the charging tool and give the spiral another turn.

A professional from Southern Calif. says:
Similar problem to above. Metal sashes in metal windows. Someone else started job, homeowner dumped it on me.

They had ordered parts from local supply house. I don't know if parts are correct, will see once I get the unit apart. Samw deal. Must remove ( I think ) metal sashes to get to balances but will try above ideas.

I appreciate the helpful response from your company and will be doing business with you shortly.
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