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A handy person from Edmond OK says:
I require assistance in verifying the proper hardware solutions.

Challenge 1 - We have a set of 24" (total 48") x 80 bypass sliding mirror doors that are without top and bottom rail.
* The roller is concave. It appears to be the 23-208.
* The guide on top is the "K"

---- The best I can determine by studying Swisco resources is the matching tack options are 23-256, 23-257, 23-258. Am I correct so far?

Challenge 2 - Is there a consideration in track selection that I also must take into consideration between the three choices or will the 23-258 function properly with my doors and 23-208 assembly? Also as part of this solution - Is their a product to level surface under the track and adhere track to floor tile? Primary reason for the answer is that the flooring company we purchased our tile from provided the contract contract installer. The problem is the workmanship left new problems. Several tiles throughout the house vary significantly in height, appears the installer did not use a level on the work. In the closet door there are three tiles. The right tile is a sudden drop between 2/16 - 3/16 lower that the other two tiles. The flooring companies rep suggested solution to this low tile was to used thick glue such as Loctite Construction Adhesive to install a sliding door bottom rail, filling the space between the track and floor with the adhesive. IF I follow this work-around then it appears the best floor track bottom-side configuration is the 23-258. The 23-258 will function properly with my doors and 23-208 assembly right?

Challenge 3 - Our door opening and door total width is 48". Does the 23-258 come in 48" or am I faced with the cost of a 6' track and cutting it down?

Challenge 4 - It appears that the upper tracks are all the same dimensions (except length). Please verify that the 23-244 is the proper track for our doors.

Thank you.
User submitted a photo of closet door hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us! Hopefully we can help. Let me go through each challenge one by one.

Challenge #1: Your roller does look like our 23-028, yes. Because this roller has a concave wheel, each of the tracks you picked out could potentially work. The 23-244 is also the top track more commonly used with this kind of setup.

Challenge #2: I think you should shim the track with a thin piece of wood or a cedar shake to make up the difference. As for the installation itself, you could consider drilling into the ceramic tile with a masonry drill bit and using screws and plastic anchors, but there is a risk of damaging your tile. You may want to get in touch with a contractor familiar with installing this kind of hardware to make sure this doesn't happen.

Challenge #3: I'm afraid our 23-258 does not come in shorter lengths. It will need to be cut down. Keep in mind that normally, the space you have in the opening is 1" less than what is commonly considered 48". Double check just to be sure.

Challenge #4: As long as the "K" is slightly less than 1-1/12", it should work in the 23-244, which is 1-1/2".
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