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A quick learner from Benton KY. 42025 says:
I ordered and received Channel Balances for my replacement windows they were 29" 28HD They are exactly what I needed. I am usually able to figure out how things work and go together. is there a trick to attaching these back into the track. do I have to take the plastic channel completely out. and how do I attach the rope pulley to the Channel pieces.
You wouldn't happen to have an instruction guide or drawing. sure would help me. I am not sure that I might need some channel parts. I am sending a picture of the slide Where window attaches to take in and out. Thanks for information.

Jerry J.
User submitted photo of pivot shoe.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Good morning, Jerry.

Taking a look at your photos it appears your pivot shoe is broken. Please have a look at the 15-109 Tie Bar Guide, which appears to be your replacement. To install the guide, you have to attach the horseshoe clip to the back of the pivot shoe (15-109). Then, install the shoe and balance into the track. Install the channel to the top of the track and pull the shoe down so it is even to the other side, and then turn the cam toward you to lock in. You should now be able to reinstall the sash.
A quick learner from Benton, Ky 42025 says:

Thanks for the quick reply,The 15-109: Tie Bar Guide seems to be the right one that I need. I sure could need some help on how to go about installing the new Tie- Bar guide. Do I have to remove the plastic Trim the guide goes into in order to guide into trim piece. like going in from bottom or top. or Can I do this with leaving side trim on and doing this from front of trim piece. not sure, I know there must be a trick to getting this all to work right.

Appreciate your time and talent.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
By looking at your photos, I would recommend removing one side of the trim to remove the old pivot shoe, which would make it easier to install the new shoe with the balance.

Here's how you'll install the new balance:
  • Install the balance clip to the back of the pivot shoe.
  • Put both the balance clip and pivot shoe in the track.
  • Install the balance at the top with a screw, then insert a small screwdriver in the metal cam and turn the cam in the up position (this will make it slide in the track).
  • Slide the cam down to make it even with the opposite cam and turn the cam toward you to lock it into place.
  • Reinstall window trim and window sash.
A quick learner from Benton KY says:
Thanks so much for the info on my window repair. Balance and guides everything worked as you said. now my broken window Balances or replaced and working good as new. Thanks again
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Glad to hear everything worked out well.

Thanks for following up with us, Jerry.
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