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A home owner from USA says:
Hello. I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me what type of balance this is and what kind of replacement would be effective. It does not look like what you sell but your product is the closest. One end of this spring is round and the other is square and it sits completely beside the single hung wind, not above or below. The top screws into the frame and the bottom into the sash, both with small L shaped retainers and a single slot screw to the frame or sash. The picture is of the round end. Thank you

User submitted a photo of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello, Ryan. Yes, this is an old, old balance for wood windows. We recommend our Series 500 as a substitute. I have used it in the past with success. You would also need a bracket like our 17-007 or 17-012.

If you want, give me the size of the visible glass for the sash whose balances need replacing and I can recommend the best length. It may also be a good idea to give us the weight of the sash so that we make sure you get the right spring strength, too.
A home owner from Canada says:
Well I've got sizes all over the map. For the life of me I can't figure out how this system works. It's anchor to the bottom of the sash and to the outer sill or track frame at the top and does not protrude at any point in its movement from the bottom of the window. The top and bottom catches don't move but one turns. If not side is anchored to the house and one to the sash and nothing moves, there must be a small magical wizard in there allowing movement. About 50% still work amazingly. If I'm going to do them I may as well do them all. I'll measure and get back to you. They measure slightly larger that 3/8" diameter but no where near 5/8". I get 7/16 by tape measure. I also need about 2 miles of weather striping for the storms. The weather striping measures 3/16 as close as I can measure it and looking at the window installed the 3/16 x3/16 would work. Perhaps you can tell from the picture I attached. As you can see it is past its life span by a long shot. Thanks for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Look at our illustrated guide below for some help. You would leave the sash in place, no need to remove it. With the sash in closed position, first drop the balance from the top and slide it behind the sash. Screw the balance at the top and raise the sash. Have a friend hold it up so that you can install our 17-012 bracket to the bottom of the sash. With your finger, raise the spiral up and hook on charging tool, then wind the spiral about three turns. You should feel the tension. Repeat for the other side and try the sash. You might have to give the spirals another turn or two if sash doesn't stay up.

Regarding the wool pile, see our 58-002.
A quick learner from Canada says:
Hi again. These balances don't attach at the top like a spiral balance. They are anchored at the top of the lower sash when closed to the frame/jam and to the bottom, but side of the sash. I have never seen anything like it. They look like they spin somehow as they have what looks like friction marks in a spiral around the outer casing. If I could find a name for them or figure out how they work I may be able to adjust the windows still functioning and replace the rest. My front window has been updated to spiral balances but is painted shut at this point. So whether they work or not is unknown. It is they final window to be repaired.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I was referring to our Series 500 in the above post. To be perfectly honest, we don't have a lot of experience with your old balance system. I have always ever just replaced them with something newer. Like you mentioned, their design is a little inscrutable.
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